Boosting your professional connections via virtual networking

Getting yourself noticed in the job market is harder than ever, due to a highly candidate-driven market and lack of face to face interactions with potential employers and recruiters. However, there are many ways to network online, from attending training webinars, utilising LinkedIn and joining in on Virtual Career Fairs.

Everyone knows the key benefits of attending job fairs to increase their exposure, meet potential employers and gain a greater insight into companies currently recruiting, however with the ongoing pandemic, how can you build your professional network all online whilst having access to the best opportunities that may not be apparent on company websites?

Read on for Stafffinders tips and tricks to help you stand out more and boost your virtual networking game.

Social Media

Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate and connect with others, especially over the past year due to many face-to-face networking events and interviews taking the back seat. The potential for job searchers are endless on social media and what's better is that most platforms are completely free, can be accessed whenever you have free time and are still an effective way of building professional connections even if you aren't able to meet people in person.

One of the best channels for ambitious job seekers to network is LinkedIn, providing many opportunities and avenues to explore in order to boost your chances of connecting with future employers and recruiters. Why not try the activities below to get your name seen and build those connections:

  • Aim to add a few mutual or relevant connections a day (LinkedIn usually provides suggested connections, which is a great place to start)
  • Join groups or discussions that interest you and tie in with your career aspirations
  • Follow companies that you can see yourself working for and engage in their company updates
  • Add hashtags to your feed, in order to keep up with relevant trends to suit your interests

Training and Webinars

In a highly competitive market, it's essential to stand out to potential employers and recruiters by having that little extra commitment and dedication to your professional development. Completing training and attending webinars could not only give you that edge against your competitors but also boost your skills and knowledge in your particular field, and whilst we have this spare time... why not? 

Attending training sessions and webinars can help boost your network, by introducing yourself to like-minded individuals and getting to know the hosts. Connecting with these folk could open up new opportunities and avenues to help you in your career.

And don't be afraid to share any virtual training or webinars you complete on your socials or CV, as this could set you apart from contenders. A simple post to announce recent training you've received or a webinar you've just attended could go a long way!

Virtual Career Fairs

Sadly, career fairs have been postponed for some time now and it's hard to say when these large events will take place again... but the great thing is, many businesses and organisations have adapted to the recent changes and transformed their events to make them virtual. This allows enhanced flexibility to explore more virtual fairs from your own home, 

Thanks to the endless possibilities with online networking and the fact you could reach more people geographically, you may even manage to broaden your scope to new opportunities that you possibly wouldn't come across at a local career fair.

Here are just a few resources to get you started in your search for a Virtual Career Fair to suit you:

Virtual Job Fairs by Glasgow Caledonian University

Graduate Jobs Fair Online by The University of Edinburgh

The UK Careers Fair 

Recruitment Agency

A simple yet effective route to take in the job search is of course to register with a recruitment agency, after all, it is our job to find you your perfect role, so gaining help from the experts is a no brainer!

Recruiters are the most important people to be in touch with during the job search, they know the market like the back of their hand and what opportunities are out there by working with multiple clients from many different industries. If you optimise your social media platforms and get your achievements seen then you never know, they might even headhunt you to introduce your perfect role.


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