Myths About Temping

As the offer of temporary positions become more common across many businesses, the role of the temporary worker is growing increasingly important. Many workers favour a temporary role due to its allowance of flexibility, as well as the opportunities it can provide with regards to developing new skills. However, for many people the idea of temping still carries negative connotations – the majority of which are largely untrue. In this article, we aim to debunk some myths that often form a cloud around the reputation of temporary working. 

(1)    If I do temp work, will I miss out on permanent work?

This is a fair assumption; however, while you look for permanent employment a temporary role could be just what you need to tide you over. It will keep you busy and no doubt help you financially, while you can continue to search for a permanent opportunity. Furthermore, if you do well and make a good impression at your temp role, it’s not uncommon for employers to subsequently offer a permanent role if one becomes available.


(2)    Having lots of different temporary jobs will look bad on my CV

Although many people widely assume that looking like a ‘job-hopper’ is off-putting to potential employees, this trait is becoming increasingly common, with 42% of millennials changing employment every one to three years. In combination with the growing popularity of temporary work, having a variety of past career experience is becoming more common among job-seekers. If you have a long list of short temporary roles, it could be more efficient to instead list the recruitment agency you worked for and give specific details of only the two or three roles most relevant to what you are applying for.


(3)    Temping could limit the permanent roles I apply for

Absolutely not true! It can be argued that temping does the opposite – it can give you the opportunity to try out new industries for a short amount of time, and even be the starting point in a long career within one of these new industries. Additionally, temping can give you the chance to ‘test run’ working in a certain industry before you dive straight in to a permanent role without knowing how you’d like it.


(4)    I won’t be there for long enough to get to know anyone

Depending on what kind of person you are, this one could have some truth to it. If it takes you a while to feel comfortable enough to be outgoing in the workplace, temping could be a little out your comfort zone. However, temporary contracts can also be a valuable networking opportunity if you are able to get to know your colleagues. If you make a good and memorable impression, it could lead to future opportunities – they do say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!


(5)    I won’t have time to look for a permanent role, or my next temporary role

You will undoubtedly be busier if you have taken on a temporary job role and have less free time to strictly commit to job hunting.  All this requires is a shift of routine – if you are used to job-hunting during the day, perhaps use the evenings or weekends instead. Furthermore, with an agency such as Stafffinders your recruitment consultant will also be considering you for any relevant roles that come up. The help of your consultant will undeniably reduce the pressure of job hunting, meaning you can carry out a temp role without the worry of what comes next.

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