Making your job hunt more effective in 2020

Searching for employment in the current climate, whether you are looking for a new role or perhaps you’ve decided you would like a career move, can be a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process. The competitive job market is now making this even more challenging for job seekers due to the effects of Covid-19 on redundancies, limited job opportunities and the furlough scheme coming to an end.

This shift in recruitment means that job seekers need to take a slightly different approach to the job hunt, focusing more on high-quality CV’s, utilising online channels and becoming familiar with remote interviewing techniques. To help you in your search, we share some top tips and best practices to increase chances of securing that next opportunity against a large pool of contenders.

Utilise your online presence

Job seekers and recruiters alike are utilising online networking sites more than ever, due to temporary office closures, departure of career fairs and enhanced remote working. It’s time to use social media to your advantage! Start following companies you admire on their various social channels and engage in their activity; don't forget to follow Stafffinders to keep up to date with our latest roles and career advice! 

LinkedIn is also the ideal hub for job seekers, where you can connect with industry professionals, recruiters and fellow job seekers who could help you source new opportunities. You may also come across groups to join and get involved in discussions you are passionate about, to increase your own personal brand awareness.

Check out our article dedicated to how social media can help your job search.

Adapt your expertise and achievements

Identify your key accomplishments and achievements, to make sure they are highlighted on your CV and LinkedIn page. Perhaps you have volunteered throughout the year, taken up a part-time job to help the sectors that experienced high demand or even completed an online course to enhance your expertise. Extracurricular activities say a lot about your professional and personal development, and could even set you apart from your contenders in a heavily competitive job market so don’t forget to shout about them.

If you believe your resume could still be spruced up with some fresh certifications or other professional activities, adapt your expertise to add additional flair to your CV.

Quality over quantity

We know how tempting it is to apply for hundreds of jobs that vaguely match your experience and skills in the hope that any of them will be successful, no matter what it is! However, in a heavily competitive job market, many employers and recruiters will observe the applications that were rushed and unfocused.

You should spend some time carefully reviewing relevant adverts, properly researching the company and preparing a professional and relatable application. Meticulously select the jobs you are hoping to apply for and really show off your excitement and top reasons why you would be perfect for the role to ensure your application stands out.

Always remember to double-check your application. Don't ruin your chances of getting a job, or the very least an interview, by not proofreading your application, resume and cover letter. Just one typo can eliminate you from consideration. In addition to reviewing your materials on your own, ask a friend/family member to proofread them as well.

Tailor your application

Dedicate time to tweak your CV, covering letter and any other documents that each specific job advert may request to better reflect your skills and expertise that are highlighted for the role. Identify keywords or phrases used throughout the advert to ensure you are incorporating the same jargon in your application (some recruiters or employers even have keyword checkers that put the most relevant to the top of the pile!)

It’s up to you to show the hiring manager why you're perfect for the job, so a tailored application is the best way to show this; leave the guesswork out of the equation. And remember, employers and recruiters are sifting through hundreds of applications every day, so make yours count!

Become familiar with remote interview methods

Now that many companies are now working from home or even if they have returned to the office, it's essential to keep in mind that interviews are likely to take place over the phone or via video call. You should spend some time getting comfortable with these new practices and ensuring you have relevant software or hardware to be able to carry out the interviews successfully and professionally.

You may think that phone and video interviews would be a more casual event to face to face interviews, however companies and recruiters still expect smart attire, a suitable background and professional persona. Explore our blogs on how to achieve a successful video interview and the best practices for a successful telephone interview.

Speak to a Stafffinders Recruitment Consultant

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, more and more organisations are using recruitment companies to assist them in hiring new talent. If you are currently seeking a position or considering a new career path, it is worth chatting to a consultant about upcoming opportunities. Recruitment Consultants can offer a lot more than just roles. They can provide detailed market intelligence, assist you in tailoring your CV and help you explore the job market on a deeper level.

If you are thinking about or actively looking for new employment and would like to speak to Stafffinders about opportunities, please contact a member of the team who would be delighted to assist. You can also register with Stafffinders using the button below.

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