Launch of West of Glasgow Business Club

Launch of West of Glasgow Business Club

Inaugural speakers Chris Tiso, Chief Executive, Tiso Group and Jane Wylie-Roberts, MD, Stafffinders shared their extensive business experience with members focusing on the topic "Adapting your Services to Increase your Market and Sales."  The entrepreneurial speakers were joined by Marketing Strategists Fennonmcrae.

Jane at Business Club

Chris told members "We initially grew our product offering in line with the development of our market. We took advantage of the opportunities we saw and grew the business organically through identifying new categories in cross over markets.   However, we reached a point where we realised that if we kept pushing it and continued to increase our product offering, we were at risk of diluting ourselves and might compromise the business for our existing customers.  We decided to find retail partners that held similar values to ourselves and made the decision to become a one stop shop for outdoor enthusiasts which created a wealth of cross marketing opportunities for us." 

Jane told the audience how diversification of their client base became of paramount importance in the current climate.  "By ensuring that we are strong in both temporary and permanent Job Vacancies, we have ensured that we have a good cash flow in the current climate.  We have also expanded our product base by offering training to job candidates which has given Stafffinders new revenue channels and provided an additional service to clients that are new to the job market."

Jane presenting at Business Club

"Focus is the pathway to success" was the theme of Fennonmcrae's presentation.  Scot Mcrae warned that diversification could be a double edged sword.  "Entrepreneurs tend to be creative but it is critical to keep focus in your business.  You must ensure that you have the correct Brand for your company, one that will endorse your products and your services.  Over diversification can dilute your brand and consequently make your offering look less attractive to potential customers."

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