Keeping Motivated During Your Job Hunt

Job hunting can be a frustrating, and often long, process. No matter your circumstances, it’s a challenge we have all faced at some point – applying for job after job, redrafting your CV more times than you can remember, refreshing your email inbox only to see it’s as empty as it was twenty minutes ago. Despite the inevitable setbacks you might face, its crucial to keep a positive attitude throughout your job search. Easier said than done, you might think…

Here are Stafffinders top tips to keep motivated:


(1)    Set Yourself Goals

Having objectives in place will help keep you focused, even when it feels like you’re not particularly getting anywhere. These don’t have to be big or heavily ambitious, but just something to get you started. Start with something like ‘apply for two jobs today’, rather than jumping straight to ‘be hired for dream job this week’. Don’t forget… job hunting takes time!


(2)    Create A Good Environment

Job hunting can become draining, especially if it takes longer than you expect. It’s important to maintain a positive mindset, and the foundations of this usually come down to your surroundings, particularly when you’re applying for jobs. Set yourself up in a different area from where you usually relax and dedicate an allocated amount of time to staying there. If you’re there all the time, it’ll only drain you and create a negative atmosphere for you.


(3)    Stay Healthy

Just like creating a good physical environment is important, so too is creating a healthy setup for your body. Remember to eat healthy and exercise when you can. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and that’s exactly what you’ll need to keep those motivation levels high!


(4)    Find the Balance

Don’t get too bogged down in the frustrations that can come with job hunting. Split your time between your job search and other activities, as its important to keep your mind healthy by finding a balance between the two. Yes, finding a job is high on your priority list, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your social life or other things that make you happy.


(5)    Think Positively

This might seem easier said than done, but keeping a positive attitude whilst you search for a new job is crucial. Its very easy to bring yourself down, particularly if you experience any rejections from potential employers. However, you must remember that this happens, and you’re not alone! Everyone has experienced it, and it’ll only make it even more rewarding when you find your dream job.


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