The Importance of a Work-Life Balance

The pressure of our careers can often become so overwhelming that work takes priority over everything else in our lives. Not only can this be damaging to our personal relationships and social lives, it can also have detrimental effects on our mental health. Don’t forget – your main concern should be YOU! It’s crucial to not only find, but also maintain, a healthy work-life balance to keep yourself stress free and happy.

How can I tell if my work-life balance is unhealthy?

If work is on your mind a majority of the time, even when you’re not in the office, you could be taking on too much responsibility. If your workload seems never ending, and you dread the thought of work every day, you’re likely not very happy at work. When you get home, do you have time to spend with your family? Or is your mind clogged with the problems that filled your day at work? Think of the hobbies and interests you had before taking up your current role – do you still devote time to these? If any of these questions have you thinking, your balance between life and work could be swaying to the unhealthy side.

How can I create a balance between life and work?

Firstly, set some boundaries. If it would help you, speak to your boss about working more flexible hours, which should allow you to split yourself between work and home when suits you best. If your phone is constantly going out-with office hours, turn it off – or at least find the willpower to ignore work-related messages until the next day. When you are in the workplace, prioritise your tasks for the day and stick to one at a time – this should keep you focused and allow you to work through them more efficiently. At home, make sure you’re separating yourself from work. Focus on things you enjoy doing, rather than letting thoughts of the office ruin what should be your free time.

Make yourself a priority!

If you feel overwhelmed at work, don’t be afraid to speak up. Even more importantly, don’t be afraid to say no when asked to do something you feel could send your workload over the edge. If you aren’t feeling your best, the work you produce will show it – making it clear that stressing out won’t do you or your work any good. You also shouldn’t be letting your home life be affected by work – always make time for family and friends, or your relationships could suffer. It’s important to have some activities outside of the office that allow you to rejuvenate, and take some time away from the stress of your career.

A work-life balance is crucial in building yourself a happy life. Don’t forget to communicate – if something is too much for you, let your boss know. You’re not superhuman, and everyone has their limits. If you make your employer aware that you’re struggling, and things remain the same, a new opportunity could potentially be the better option.


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