How to Stay Active in the Office

An office job can make it a lot more difficult to stay active, with you being sat at your desk for 8 hours every day. In the long term, there are several health risks linked to inactivity, which an office work style won’t aid, including diabetes and heart disease. According to the World Health Organisation, physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global adult mortality. Even if you work out for an hour a few times a week, it would still be a struggle to counteract the effects of having a desk job. It isn’t all doom and gloom though, as there are many easy ways to combat slouching in the office with these tips…

Track your activity

It is a lot easier to keep active when you can see and track how much you are moving. This can be easily done by purchasing a fitness tracker, such as a Fitbit, and wearing it to work daily. Observe how many steps you do on a normal day in the office, then set yourself goals to work towards. To keep yourself motivated, why not make it an office competition? Encourage others to join in with you. It will only make staying active and making healthier choices easier by working together as a group. You will have a direct support network of colleagues who will motivate and encourage you.


It may sound simple but replacing emails and calls with walking and interacting face to face with your colleagues is a quick and simple tip to getting more active. Use every opportunity you must get up from your desk, every step counts! This not only gives the benefit of a little exercise, but it also allows you a break from the computer screen and some social interaction. Similarly, chose to take the stairs rather than the lift. It will get some blood pumping before work, allowing you to bring a fresh mind and attitude to the office.

Make the most of your breaks

First, it is important that you take a sufficient break while at work. Your lunch break is an important way of keeping you motivating throughout the day as well as keeping up energy levels and is a time to help develop a good mindset for the rest of the afternoon. It is recommended by experts to step away from the computer screen. Why not combine this with a lunchtime walk? It’s good to get some fresh air and exercise for at least some of your break. Plus, nothing can beat a change of scenery.

Dress comfortably

If you dress in more comfortable attire, you are more likely to be more active. Let’s be honest, climbing those stairs will naturally seem a lot less appealing when you’re in stiletto high heels or a stiff suit. Therefore, invest in some comfortable flat shoes, a chunkier heel or a breathable suit.

Make a conscious effort

To really make a difference and to allow your active work lifestyle to sustain in the long-term, you must make informed and conscious decisions. Whether it be to get up and stretch every now and again, to make phone calls while standing up or to transform your desk to a standing one; these small chances in your working style can benefit you in the long term. Therefore, make the effort daily and allow it to become part of your routine.

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