How to Take Control of Your Career

You dream about a bright future for your career. However, getting from where you are now to where you want to be can be daunting and a little confusing if you’re not sure how to get there.

So we’ve put together some advice to help you take control of your career and achieve the career growth you desire.

Make a plan

So you know exactly what you want to do? Excellent! Now you must plan how you’re going to get there. Whether your career goal be long-term or short-term, knowing your end goal and having a plan in place will give you focus and serve as your roadmap to success.

Develop your skills and brand

First, identify the skills required to achieve your end goal and then seek opportunities to build upon those skills. Become a perpetual learner by continuously undertaking learning and development programs, build your own personal brand and invest in educational resources.
As well as setting aside time every day to focus on developing those skills, it’s also essential that you apply and practice the skills in your daily life. For example, if you want to learn SEO, don’t just learn the theory and jargon, instead practice your SEO skills by starting a blog or website and writing pages.

Seek opportunities for growth

Seek opportunities to try out new things either within your company or local community. If a new project arises at work and you think it would be the ideal opportunity for you to learn and grow, ask to be part of it. Not only will you learn new skills and knowledge, however showing initiative and being proactive will also allow you to prove yourself to your boss and propel yourself to the top of your profession. Likewise, you may take on voluntary work or organise events to develop a range of important skills.

Not only is it essential that you develop your strengths, however you should also strengthen your weaknesses. Identify areas of weakness and seek opportunities to turn them into strengths, making you an allrounder.


Taking control of your career also means forming strong relationships with key individuals who can help you take your career to the next level. Whether they are internal or external to your organisation, your network can provide you with referrals and recommendations when necessary, assisting your career inclination.

Moreover, attending industry events related to the career you want can help you meet influential professionals who might help you find your next job. You never know who you might meet, it could be your next employer!

Gain expert advice from a Recruiter

Speaking to Recruiters who have industry specific knowledge provides you with the perfect helping hand in bringing you to the next stage of your career. Recruiters can provide you with advice from how to format your CV to how dress for an interview. They have insider knowledge about the companies they recruit for and how to best impress the hiring managers.

Take control of your career today and get in touch with us at Stafffinders. Our expert Recruitment Consultants are the perfect partner for you throughout your job hunt and will help you every step of the way.