How to Survive Your First Day at a New Job

Starting a new job can be daunting, and combined with the mixture of nerves, excitement and anticipation, you’ll almost feel like you’re back at your first day of school. A change in job can undoubtedly be a massive transition in someone’s life, and those initial moments in your first days and months are crucial in how you settle in long term.

Despite your justifiable first-day concerns, there are steps you can take to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Correspondingly, your new employer should also be ensuring they are doing all they can to welcome you to the company.

Think positively and follow our basic tips to make a great impression on your first day!

(1)    Be on time

Nothing says you’re unprepared like showing up late for your first day. Get organised the night before, and plan ahead for the possibility of traffic.

(2)    Dress appropriately

Make sure you know the correct dress code for the office in advance of your start date and stick to it. Have an outfit prepared to save you from stressing on your first day.

(3)    Get to know the team

Introduce yourself to everyone and try to get a sense of the company culture. Making a good impression to your fellow colleagues is just as important as making a good impression on your boss.

(4)    Ask questions

Don’t be scared to ask questions, or for help if you need it. You’re new, so no one will expect you to be a pro just yet!

(5)    Use your initiative

It’s likely you won’t have too much of an overwhelming workload on your first day, so you should take advantage of this and use your initiative to get involved. Find out what your colleagues are doing and offer a helping hand if you can – it’ll help you learn how things work within the company.

What about your new employer – what should they be doing to ensure you have a smooth start to your new role? The importance of having an efficient and effective onboarding process for new recruits is becoming increasingly recognised, with it being considered the ‘make or break’ moments of a candidates experience at the company.

Companies often confuse the practises of onboarding and training, or else see them as the same process, making it important to emphasise that both of these combined are crucial in a new hire’s first few weeks in the role. Your new employer should have an onboarding scheme already in place, which will assist new hires in learning the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to function effectively within an organization. Making new employees feel comfortable in their early days with the company are crucial, with a new hire’s first 90 days being notable as the time frame in which this should be done.

The efforts behind helping a new start settle in are evidently a two-way street. The employee themselves can take conscious steps – as explained above – whilst their new employer should be implementing a welcoming and effective onboarding scheme to ensure their efforts are met with a response.

Working with a recruiter throughout your job hunt will provide you with a helping hand throughout your journey.

At Stafffinders, we aim to provide you with your dream role and will follow up with you to ensure that the role is the correct fit for you. Contact us here to take the first steps in your job search.