How to Make Your Commute More Productive

The commute to work can be something we all dread. Rushing for a seat on the train, being coughed on by strangers, and being half asleep to the point you nearly miss your stop – the commute is something many people rarely enjoy. So, what can we do to make it more enjoyable – or at least more productive?


(1)    Write your to do list for the day

Giving yourself a to-do list in the morning will help you feel more organised for the rest of the day. It not only gives you a starting point for as soon as you arrive at work, but it also gives you an end point to look forward to.


(2)    Read a book

I’m sure many of us could reluctantly admit to a lack of time spent reading, but the commute is the perfect place to redeem this. Download an e-book, use a kindle, or even bring an actual book! Reading is the perfect way to escape reality and can be a great day to wind down before the start of a busy day.


(3)    Listen to a podcast

If reading isn’t for you, why not download some podcasts or audiobooks to listen to instead? There are many podcasts available, from informative to fiction, or true crime to TED talks. Similar to books, podcasts can give you some ideal relaxing time before arriving at the workplace.


(4)    Learn a language

So, this one might sound a bit optimistic. But with a variety of language-learning apps out there these days, the time you spend on the commute could be just the right amount of time needed each day to squeeze in some self-education. Not only is it a productive way to pass the time, it could give you another valuable skill to add to your CV.


(5)    Relax

Simple as that! Perhaps you have a busy home life, and work feels no less stressful. Take some time on the commute to appreciate the time on your own and use it to catch up with your thoughts. This could be a good time to catch up with social media and any personal messages before you get to work.


Your commute doesn’t have to be full of doom and gloom. Take the time to do something productive or simply just to relax. It’s important to give yourself some winding down time before you head in to work, and this could be the perfect time to do so!


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