How to Keep Your Team Motivated

In previous articles, we have discussed the importance of employee engagement and the overall impact on employee happiness. It is proven that happy employees not only enjoy coming to work more than those who are unhappy, but they also have a higher standard of work produced. It is therefore clear that a happy workforce benefits not just the employee themselves, but the company as a whole meaning that taking some time to motivate your staff can have huge benefits. There are various ways in which employers can invest in their employees’ satisfaction – and many of them don’t include a hefty price tag…


(1)    Listen

Communication is key, and this is especially true when it comes to knowing your staff are content in their role. After all, how will you – as their employer – know if something’s wrong if your staff don’t feel comfortable enough to discuss it with you? At Stafffinders we incorporate an open-door policy in both of our offices and recommend this strategy to keeping in the loop with your team.


(2)    Include everyone – talk to them

Involving your team in the day-to-day decisions of the office can build a sense of community and trust within the workplace. From smaller dilemmas to issues higher on the priority list, brainstorming and getting feedback from your team can not only benefit you with ideas you may not have come up with on your own, but it will also make your staff feel more involved and motivated to make improvements to the business.


(3)    Value each employee

If staff feel under-appreciated, they definitely won’t feel motivated. It’s therefore important to make sure every member of staff feels like they play an important part in the bigger picture of the business’s success. Award your team for work they’ve produced that stands out and congratulate their personal achievements outside of work. Going the extra mile to acknowledge your team’s individual strengths will go a long way in showing staff they are appreciated as much as everyone else.


(4)    Show appreciation

As well as valuing each staff member individually, introduce some team rewards to show your appreciation for their hard work. From something as small as offering the option of Casual Fridays once a week or ordering in pizza for lunch now and then, gestures like these can give employees a breather now and again, showing that you appreciate them enough to allow some laid-back time.


(5)    Encourage team activity

Team-building is crucial for everyone involved. Not only will it help staff bond and create friendships, it will pave the way for improved communication, leading to increased motivation and a better output of work. Don’t forget, we spend a huge amount of time at work – how much easier would everyone’s day be if they get along with the people they work with? Organise activities outside of work that involve teamwork – not only will it benefit the workplace, everyone will have fun at the same time!


The small steps you can take in improving your employees’ happiness at work can evidently have massively beneficial impacts on your business as a whole. These small gestures can show your staff they are appreciated, and in turn motivate them to work to the best of their abilities.

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