How to Dress for an Interview

Before a job interview, there is plenty for you to prepare. But something crucial that you shouldn’t forget is planning your outfit before the big day. It might sound superficial but first impressions count at an interview and unfortunately, this means your appearance does too. Different companies will have different expectations and different dress codes, but it’s important to play it safe with how you dress for your interview in order to make a good impression.

Tips for a Corporate Interview

Corporate interviews are, unsurprisingly, typically more on the formal side, with a strict dress code to adhere to.


The general rule of thumb for men attending corporate interviews is to play it safe and stick with a suit. Plain colour such as black, grey and navy with a white shirt or one that is coordinated with the suit is usually best, with leather shoes. Make sure your clothes have no stains or rips in them, checking far enough in advance to allow you the time to purchase new items if they are not suitable.


When it comes to interview clothes, it's obvious that women have a lot more choice than men. Whether you opt for a skirt or trousers, keep the colours plain – black is usually the safest choice. If you need a bit of colour in your life, brighten up the outfit with a scarf or bag with a pop of colour. Keep heels at a sensible height and stick to simple jewellery.

Tips for a Smart-Casual Interview

Although the word ‘casual’ is in the title, this doesn’t mean you should show up in a t-shirt and jeans. Keep things on the smart side, but be mindful of not looking too fancy.


Stick to a shirt, but perhaps lose the tie. Smart trousers and a blazer is usually a good start, and shoes can be a bit less formal than a corporate interview (this doesn’t mean trainers!). If in doubt, just remember the basic rules – no trainers, no jeans, and no t-shirts.


Again, women arguably have more options in this respect. Avoid jeans, and keep skirts to a suitable length. Casual blouses can be worn instead of the usual office-style shirts, and flat shoes can be worn instead of small heels.

In all types of interviews, it’s important to remember that first impressions do count. Always give yourself a check in a mirror before you head into the interview, ensuring your clothes are sitting correctly with no marks or creases. Try to avoid strong-smelling perfume or aftershave, you never know what smells the interviewer might be put off by! Light makeup is best, and ensure your hair is neat and tidy.

If you’re ready to put these tips into action, have a look at our current vacancies. You never know, you might find the perfect role!