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Getting the right candidates for your organisation is crucial. We all know and accept that. But what about finding the person. It has nothing to do with technical skills, experience or knowledge and ability, it means personality, the stuff that cannot be found on paper.

A candidate’s CV may look great and tick all the boxes, but do they fit the inner workings of your organisation? While expertise and track record remain vital to filling a role, employers who recognise the importance of aligned values between candidates and organisations, will go a long way to achieving greater productivity, compatibility and length of services from new hires.

A new employee should feel a part of the organisation and have a passion for what the organisation is trying to achieve. If a candidate is able to believe and share in a common goal or vision the amount of value a candidate will bring is invaluable.

Employers are able to help themselves attract the right candidates by understanding what makes their organisation and people tick. This not only helps to write targeted adverts, but it also helps candidates to understand the organisation before applying!

The shoe fits!

The safest way to assess potential candidates is to conduct a series of a behavioural and motivation questions as part of the interview process. These can be wide ranging from “How would you handle the following scenario…” to “why do you think you would be suitable for this position?” After all, a vegetarian working in a butcher shop is probably not going to bring the desired results for either party!

When interviewing candidates in the format you should strive for consistent questions across all interviews as this allows you to compare answers from all the candidates.

Additionally, through using a recruitment company, candidates will have gone through an initial interview with a recruiter, who can then match their personal qualities and traits against the organisation’s culture. This ensures that the candidates, who are put forward for an interview with a hiring manager, have the right technical attributes and personal traits.


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