Great ways to make your business more environmentally friendly

Do you want your business to become more environmentally friendly and achieve long-term sustainability? Read our article to discover more 

In light of the UK’s draft Air Quality plan publication earlier last month, we are reminded of the absolute importance to reduce our carbon footprint. Currently, we are utilising 50% more natural resources than the earth can provide and this is having a serious impact on our planet. By becoming more environmentally friendly, not only will your business help protect the environment, however, your company will also benefit in a variety of ways. 

What are the benefits to my business?

  • Reduce costs: by reducing paper usage and turning off lights you can expect decreased expenditure and lower energy bills.
  • Healthier workplace: according to the Green Business Bureau website, businesses can decrease absenteeism levels by 20% if they promote a healthier workplace. For instance, companies can offer organic food in the cafeteria and use environmentally friendly cleaning products with fewer chemicals which can help employees with respiratory and other health problems.
  • Attract new customers: by emphasising the eco-friendly nature of your organisation in your marketing campaign, you can differentiate your company from competitors and attract like-minded customers who want to buy products and services from an environmentally friendly business.
  • Sustainability: protecting the environment can enhance the sustainability of your organisation. If you do not depend upon natural resources such as paper, you will be able to deal with rising costs due to climate change better than your competitors, increasing your chances of long-term success. 

What your business can do to become environmentally friendly

Assess how “ungreen” your business is

Before implementing strategies to increase your organisation’s sustainability, firstly you must assess how your current actions have an impact on the environment. This allows you to calculate your water and energy use and know how much you need to reduce, allowing you to set targets. 

Involve everyone

Rather than simply pass on the responsibility of reducing your company’s carbon footprint to management, you should involve everyone within the organisation.

Engage all staff in this new vision and make it a part of the company culture. Communicate your “green” goals with all staff and be sure to highlight the importance of such goals. An excellent way to involve employees in your vision is by asking for their suggestions as to how the business can reduce their carbon footprint. For example, you could hold a green living competition in which employees must think of new ways to be green and you should take their suggestions on board. The more ideas, the better!

Switch your paper

Although businesses can reduce their paper usage, it is almost impossible for companies not to use any paper at all. However, when paper is required, you should use post-consumer waste (PCW) paper options, an eco-friendly paper made from recycled paper.

PCW paper utilises 45% less energy than ordinary paper and creates less waste during the papermaking process. 

Reduce water usage

Helping to conserve water, a very valuable resource, can protect the environment and lower your utility bills, therefore saving your business money.

You may choose to do this by repairing leaking taps, installing water-efficient taps with a flow restrictor or installing water-efficient dishwashers and low-flow toilets.

Similarly, educating employees about the importance of less water usage means that all staff members can contribute in protecting the environment by lowering water usage, even in their homes. The more we educate people about the importance of being environmentally friendly, the more we can work together to help conserve the environment. 

Use energy saving lights


A great way to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint is by using compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED light bulbs. Despite their higher price, these types of light bulbs not only save energy, however, they also save a great deal of money given that they last about 5 times longer than ordinary fluorescent lights. 

Why not take this small step if you can save your business some money and protect the environment at the same time? 

Promote green transportation


Another way in which your business can be environmentally friendly is by encouraging employees to arrive to work using a method of transportation that will help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

You could encourage staff to either walk, cycle or take public transport to work at least once a week. Alternatively, you could organise a work carpool.

This will help to position your company as environmentally friendly given that employees are showing their commitment to protecting the environment. 

So why not try out the above ideas to witness for yourself how they can help your business and protect the environment?


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