Goodbye Summer Interns

This is the third year of Stafffinders’ involvement in the Santander Universities SME Internship and the calibre of interns coming through the programme has, yet again, reached high standards.

If you can cast your mind back to 10 weeks ago, we published an article about our summer interns for 2019. Well, following a very quick 10 weeks, our interns are leaving us to continue their university journey. However, just before we part company, we grabbed a quick chat with them about their time working here and Kingpin International- spin out company from Stafffinders. Here's what they had to say! 


Q: Reflecting on your previously outlined goals, has working at Stafffinders been a beneficial experience?

A: Yes, it absolutely has. Personally, I have been fortunate enough to gain first-hand experience in implementing SEO techniques, alongside the use of analytical software. Gaining experience in asset creation, graphics and design, administering website content and managing data proved to hugely beneficial in developing my understanding of the SEO process. Also, the expert input from my management team has been invaluable in furthering my learning.  On a broader level, formulating strategies for a live, dynamic organisation was a welcome challenge and something which I found to be very enjoyable. Additionally, being responsible for sourcing suppliers to produce new marketing materials, as well as ensuring delivery on time and on budget from suppliers, allowed me to sharpen my communication and network building skills.

As a parting note, I would like to thank everyone at Stafffinders for their truly welcoming reception. Being made to feel like part of the team in such a short space of time was instrumental for me gaining value from my placement.

Nathan will be heading into his final year at the University of Strathclyde, hoping to achieve a high pass in Marketing with Economics.


Q: How would you analyse your 10 weeks with Stafffinders and what skills have you learned in your time here?

A: The 10 weeks have flown by, scarily so. I’ve constantly had something to be working on and keeping myself busy. I’ve learned many things that will prove to be useful. Most importantly, I’ve learned a lot about tax and how it works, by researching and writing topical tax articles – this should be very useful for my honour’s year at Uni and my prospects afterwards. I’ve also been able to write location specific articles. Writing these articles has helped me become better at time management and working to shorter deadlines. I’ve also learned much about digital marketing and analytics which is also very useful. I have enjoyed working in a professional environment. It has been very rewarding to see my work being published and well received.

In terms of client research, I have managed to learn a lot about specific companies which employ tax professionals and have managed to create an extensive database of clients for the company to expand its operations.

Alexander will also be entering his final year of study, hoping to achieve a high pass in Economics and Social Policy. 


Q: Reflecting on your previously outlined goals, has working at Stafffinders been a beneficial experience?

A: More than beneficial I can say! From my first day as an intern, I was given the responsibility to work on exciting and meaningful projects, designed to improve candidate attraction and to position Kingpin International as a major force on the global tax recruitment market. Doing something that matters kept me motivated throughout my time and the most rewarding part of all was seeing the end results and leaving my mark on the company. Since the first day, my opinion and ideas were appreciated and valued, which allowed me to think outside the box and to create more attractive Social Media content and effective future social media planning. By updating Kingpin International’s website and producing topical articles for expat communities related to relocation and working overseas, my writing skills were also significantly improved.

My role allowed me to learn a lot about digital marketing and data analysis as well, which is a valuable experience which I can transfer across to my Digital Marketing Masters programme I am planning to do this September. I would like to thank both Stafffinders and Kingpin International teams for being that helpful and sharing their experience with me, allowing me to feel part of the team and to get the most out of my internship.

Mihaela will be moving down to London in the following weeks, starting her master's programme in digital marketing at the University of West London. 

On behalf of all of us here at Stafffinders, we highly value the work they have contributed over the 10 week summer period and we will be sad to let them leave.