Four interns joining Stafffinders over the summer

From left to right: Linda Johansson, Tom McEntee, Sophie Bunton and Brogan McLachlan.

The Stafffinders’ office in Paisley is expanding by four people over the summer- Say hello to our new interns: Brogan, Linda, Sophie and Tom!

Linda Johansson

Linda is a second-year student at University of Strathclyde, majoring in Marketing and Human Resources Management. Linda enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and eating her way around Glasgow. She also loves to see new places and has lived in four countries so far, which makes it safe to say that travelling is her favourite, and most expensive, hobby. She can often be seen with a camera in one hand; taking pictures of her surroundings.

Linda’s main duties at Stafffinders involve creating content for our social media channels and the website, and she also produces brochures and leaflets for clients and candidates. She is also involved in profiling candidates and analysing marketing strategies.

Why did you choose to work for Stafffinders?

Since I’m majoring in Marketing and HRM I thought doing a marketing internship for a recruitment agency would be a perfect fit. After a lovely interview, meeting both Jane and Fiona, I was certain that I wanted to work here. I am hugely impressed by Jane’s success, which inspires me in my daily work.

Most horrific work story:

When I was 17 I was working in a ward with mainly older patients over the summer. The third day of work, I was starting a bit later than I normally would and missed the morning meeting.

One of my duties was to give patients their meals. I walked in to one patient’s room with his meal, only to stop in the doorway when I saw the him lying on his back with a rose on his chest. Because I wasn’t there for the morning meeting, my superiors forgot to tell me that the patient had passed away during the night. Third day in and I had already seen a dead person…

Luckily the rest of my time at the ward was spared from similar incidents. However, this experience made me respect doctors, and especially nurses, even more.


Tom McEntee

Tom is a third-year Marketing and Business Enterprise student at University of Strathclyde. Tom’s main hobby is football; both watching and playing it, and he also enjoys cycling.

Tom is responsible for the marketing of Stafffinders’ sister company KingPin, which specialises in international tax recruitment. His main responsibilities include creating content for the company website, evaluating and suggesting website improvements and creating client and candidate documents on popular expatriate destinations.

Why did you choose to work for Stafffinders?

The job position aligned with my degree and interest and gave me the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice in a real life working environment. Also, after meeting Jane and Fiona, I felt immediately comfortable in the environment, even at the interview I was made to feel so welcome. I instantly knew that they would be great in aiding my development as a potential graduate. Kingpin is a relatively new company which has enjoyed great success, and it is something I want to be a part of.

What are your career goals?

I want to one day be able to run my own business and be my own boss, perhaps a business based around football or sport as this is a passion of mine. I would also like to travel and perhaps work in the USA.

Most embarrassing work story:

My first job was in McDonald’s. It was a hot summer’s day so demand for iced drinks was through the roof. The machine was empty and in my eagerness to refill it with the special liquid mix, I ended up dropping 5 litres all over the stock room floor. To the amusement of my fellow colleagues, (but not my manager!) I was made to mop it up, which took much longer than expected.


Sophie Bunton

Sophie just finished her fourth year at University of Strathclyde studying Aero-Mechanical Engineering. Her main hobby is playing several instruments, such as cello, piano and guitar, and sometimes she even makes her own music. She also enjoys spending time with her friends, watching movies and TV shows and going out for a cycle.

Sophie’s main objective at Stafffinders is to fully implement the new Online Timesheets system located on the website. This is a new system that is being developed by Stafffinders along with Mercury Tide to remove the need for paper timesheets and make everything digital and fully linked up with other software used. She will need to ensure that the system runs smoothly, client feedback is taken onboard, and get it to a point that it is streamlined and easy to use.

Why did you choose to work for Stafffinders?

Due to a busy schedule during my fourth year, I wanted to try something different and get experience working in another field. Stafffinders seemed like a good place to work as it is a local, family run business and it would allow me to gain business experience and fully understand the recruitment process. Additionally, being based in an office environment would allow me to develop my interpersonal skills and work ethic. I wanted to get an internship at a smaller company, as last summer I worked at an SME and found it rewarding to be able to interact with everyone in the company, rather than just those around a desk cluster.

What are your career goals?

After graduation, I hope to work in the engineering field, where eventually I hope to become a chartered engineer. I then want to work across different sectors to ensure I have a varied and exciting career. After working in industry, I would like to go back to school and become a Physics or Graphic Communications teacher!


Brogan McLachlan

Brogan is going into her fifth year at University of St Andrews, studying Management and Spanish. Brogan enjoys learning foreign languages and travelling to new places where she can speak to natives in their mother tongue. She also enjoys dancing, going to fitness classes, taking long walks on the beach and spending time with family and friends.

Brogan’s main duties at Stafffinders involve increasing the content on the company website to drive more online traffic and improve the online induction for members of staff.

Why did you choose to work for Stafffinders?

I really admired that Stafffinders is family owned. I have worked for family owned businesses before and I found that they really cared about their staff and were passionate about what they do. I imagined Stafffinders would be the same and it is. I also chose it because I admire that it is run by Jane, who is a highly successful and skilled woman, and a past finalist for the IoD Female Business Leader of the Year. I believe that Stafffinders will offer me valuable learning development opportunities, allowing me to learn from experts and develop, not only professionally, but personally too.

Most memorable job experience:

On my last day of work in a primary school in Spain, all the children and teachers surprised me by throwing me a party and giving me gifts. One child also wrote a poem for me and read it out in front of the whole school which made me tear up.

Funniest job story:

I worked in a popular gelateria in St Andrews and one day I spilled milkshake mix all over myself and on the floor in front of a long queue of customers (the queue continued out through the door!). I had to work for the rest of my shift smelling of dairy and with sticky hair.