The Evolving Landscape of Recruitment

The Evolving Landscape of Recruitment

Evolution is inevitable - no human or animal who does not adapt to their changing environment can survive. The same applies to business. Failing to keep up with recruitment trends, particularly tech, will sink your recruitment agency.

Stafffinders values stem from the foundation of the company, of family values and thelongevity of the company and the relationships we foster.

Senior Consultant CertificateNot only have we worked with many clients for decades and through their own transitions from owner to successor, but we also have generations of families who have worked for the business, a current employee Chloe Callery being a case in point as her grandmother, Mrs Callery, worked for Jane’s father in the early 1970s. 

Mrs Callery worked with Stafffinders in the 1970s when it was under the ownership of our current Chief Executive’s father. She was an outstanding member of staff who (quite literally) won a watch for her dedication and continuous successful placements. Mrs Callery then went on to start her own successful recruitment agency, City Recruitment, which she ran for twenty years.


Now, with the overwhelming preference for mobile phones it is easier to get an immediate response over the phone, through email or, increasingly, through social media. The long process of advertising and applying for jobs via newspapers has been replaced by instantaneous posting on recruitment websites, social media channels and job boards.Gone are the days of calls to home telephones. Mrs Callery would call her candidates home phone (a distant memory to many – only 6.5% of households use a landline). The candidate would often be away from home and could therefore miss out on an ideal job opportunity.


Registration would always be face to face, allowing the consultants to get ‘the full picture’. Now, there is a growing tendency to use the internet’s answer to face-to face: Skype. This can be useful in terms of ease of use and quickness for both candidates and recruiters.

However, we enjoy meeting candidates face to face and building a strong relationship which will leave us better equipped to find jobs that are the right fit for each person. 

Paper, paper, paper

Chloe would often help her grandmother as a teen by sorting stacks of candidate cards alphabetically and by sector, a time consuming and mundane task. Now, most agencies will keep information on a secure internal network where candidate information can be found with the click of a button – not a sheet of paper in sight!

Our secure CRM system allows us to easily source and target our candidates when we find a job we know would suit them. Our exclusive and advanced system has allowed us to improve the speed at which we match our candidates to jobs.

In 2017, we implemented an online timesheet application where candidates no longer need to fill out physical timesheets but can input their hours at their convenience without the hassle of being signed off by a manager.

Finding candidates

Mrs Callery would only be able to advertise her jobs to small audiences; those who read the newspaper, those who drop-in to the office and through word-of-mouth.

Now, the advanced nature of technology allows candidates to view a large, often overwhelming, volume of jobs at any given time. The recruitment industry is very much candidate driven; our candidates can pick and choose which jobs suit their lifestyle and needs.

The jobs

The economy is a massive variable in the recruitment industry. The volume and type of jobs vary depending on our current economic state. It’s important that recruitment agencies ‘ride the wave’ and adapt their approach to finding clients and candidates.

This approach has served Stafffinders’ well. Our success has allowed us to establish and grown a sister company, Kingpin International, a boutique firm with experienced multi-lingual consultants who place tax professionals across the globe.

What hasn't changed?

All this talk of history and change has us feeling nostalgic, so let’s talk about what hasn’t changed in recruitment…

The people. To be a successful recruiter, you need to be a determined, people-orientated person, who thrives in a competitive and performance-driven atmosphere.

Do you think you have what it takes to keep up with the ever-changing recruitment world? We’re always looking to get in touch with individuals who have the potential to work with us.