Employment Figures Update



Stafffinders were asked by STV to comment on the recent employment figures announced.  Jane Wylie-Roberts, MD comments on the increase in highly skilled candidates walking through the door each day, see video link above.

New figures have revealed an increase in unemployment in Scotland, and more people claiming benefits but rate still lower than in the UK as a whole.

The number of people unemployed rose to 187,000, a rise of 11,000 over the last quarter, and an increase of 75,000 on this time this year.

The number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance also increased last month - by 2,200 - with a total number of people unemployed standing at 132,900 in August, 4.7% of the population.

Scotland, however, continues to have fewer unemployed than the UK as a whole, with a rate of seven per cent, compared to 7.9% for the UK as a whole.

Commenting on the figures, Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy said: "These latest figures show the true cost of the global economic conditions.

In the midst of all the talk of economic recovery, no one should lose sight of the fact the recession is still having a real impact on families, particularly those on modest and middle incomes."

Enterprise Minister Jim Mather commented: "Any increase in unemployment is to be regretted, and that is why the Scottish Government is supporting employment through our comprehensive economic recovery plan, and helping people retain their job or get back into work.

"Overall, our recovery plan is supporting some 15,000 jobs.  Scotland continues to have higher employment, lower unemployment and higher rates of economic activity than the UK as a whole."