Temporary Work: The Benefits to the Employee & the Employer

As our lives grow more and more hectic, the difficulties of balancing work life with our personal life, along with other responsibilities, can become increasingly overwhelming. That's why an increasing number of workers have begun to seek flexibility within their role. And the same can be said for employers. In recent years, more and more employers are exploring temporary opportunities, potentially to try and figure out the demand for the role within the business or for extra assistance with paramount projects.

At Stafffinders, we understand that there is occasionally some uncertainty around temporary employment and that it can always beg the question of job security. However, we believe that the good certainly outways the bad when it comes to temporary employment and there are a lot more advantages than you think, whether you are on the lookout for a new job or seeking a new member to join your professional team.

Top benefits for temporary employees


A temporary role means that you can plan your work around YOU, rather than the other way around. Maybe you are studying and need that extra bit of money to pay your rent, or perhaps you are looking after family members and require a flexible shift pattern. Having this flexibility not only improves your work-life balance but can also bring a great sense of freedom, despite how scary a non-fixed contract can seem at first.


You’ve probably heard the saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, and temping will provide you with a lot of ‘who’. This doesn't always mean that you need to attend job fairs and career events, but simply expanding your contacts on LinkedIn and using your friends and family to discover what connections of theirs you could get in touch with. As you work your way through temp roles, take the opportunity to make a good impression on those you encounter along the way, and subsequently expand your network.


Temping is a fantastic way to build invaluable experience and boost those interpersonal skills every employer looks for. It is also a clever way of finding out what job or industry you would ideally like to work for in the future, especially if you are unsure what kind of role you would like to end up in. Through temp roles, you’ll pick up a vast amount of new skills, which all go towards building an even stronger CV for future full-time, permanent jobs. Every new workplace brings new settings and, most importantly, new opportunities.

So that’s why employees should consider a temp role, but what about employers? 

Key advantages to employers


Temporary workers are usually available to commence roles relatively quickly and could be suited more to hours outwith the usual 9 to 5, meaning it not only cuts down the amount of time spent on the hiring procedure but also allows you to work with them on a schedule that suits both parties. Working through a recruitment agency such as Stafffinders also minimises this process, with background checks and identification processes already covered of every temporary worker.


Hiring a temp can undoubtedly bring some fresh perspectives to the company, offering new ideas to tired-out projects. Additionally, as they know they are only there for a temporary amount of times, temps are less probable to adapt to corporate culture, meaning they are less prone to stick to the norms. This means they are likely to offer ideas that are outside the box, boosting creativity levels and sharing their opinions and solutions that permanent employees may not have thought of.


The offer of a temporary job can provide organisations with a chance to hire for unique projects or specific time frames to focus solely on paramount activities with no other distractions. This allows you to tailor your workforce for a certain task with someone who is an expert in that particular field, subsequently producing the best possible results. This is particularly useful if the task introduces something a little different for your company, in which the previously-mentioned expert might not be needed full time after the project is completed.


Although temping is understandably not for everyone, it can have huge advantages for both the employee and employer. To discover more about our Temporary Recruitment Service, take a look at our market-leading timesheet platform and what Stafffinders bring to the table HERE

If you want to know more or are interested in temp vacancies, get in touch! At Stafffinders we have a variety of temp opportunities as well as candidates looking for temporary positions, and you can contact us at Stafffinders.