Catapult into a Career in Digital Marketing

So, what is digital marketing, and why is it so important today?

Technically, digital marketing is described as any marketing effort which uses an electronic device or the internet. However, what this usually means is using search engines, social media, email or websites to promote a business. As technology and the use of social media continues to grow, search engine optimisation has become a value to almost every business out there. As of 2020, search engine marketers remain one of the top five in-demand jobs.

What’s in it for me? – the added-extras of digital marketing

1. Versatility

One of the most common myths in marketing is that it is exclusively a job for the creative-minded. Don’t get me wrong, marketing involves all sorts of creatives; designers, copywriters, strategists... However, a major cog in the marketing wheel that is often forgotten is the technically minded! The researchers and analysts are coming into play more than ever before, with a data-driven approach growing in significance. In digital marketing, there is an area for everyone, whether your forte lies at the tip of a paintbrush or the click of a calculator.

2. Measurability

When it comes to more traditional methods of marketing such as public relations or advertising, it can be hard to know the effect your efforts have. Are my audience engaged? How much of our profits and sales are linked to marketing? Do our consumers enjoy our content? With digital marketing, this is not the case – everything can be tracked! From every reaction, engagement to click-through, it can be traced, analysed and emulated. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to see the outcome of your hard work actually paying off.

3. Relevance

Every day the digital industries are developing, adapting and evolving. Working within this sector means constant growth in order to stay ahead of the technology curve. Imagine a career where no two days are the same! On top of this, the skills that you learn whilst working in digital marketing are transferable across the industries. Whether you are working B2B or B2C, your knowledge can be implemented to nearly every business across the globe.

Roll up, roll up – here are our digital marketing top tips!

4. Know your audience

No matter the time, energy or money you put into digital marketing, its success relies on understanding exactly who you are selling to. Whether it be a savvy youth or a mature professional, do your research and know what your client wants.

5. Learn all the channels

Regardless if it's pay-per-click ads, search engine optimisation or social media, it is so important to try all the channels to discover your big marketing strengths. Every day is a school day, so keep trying new platforms for engagement and you never know what you might ponder across.

6. Training, training, training

A great way to learn new skills and prove your worth is through job certification. Why not sign up to some online courses, or try out the Google Analytics Academy? These courses help you to grow in confidence and give you a deeper understanding of how digital data really works.

 7. Stay current

Staying ahead of the trend is so important in marketing, but it can be easily forgotten. Some of the easy ways to do this are by following your competitors, keeping up to date with twitter hashtags or signing up to industry newsletters.

The value of going through a recruiter

8. Connect with recruiters in the job search 

We understand that job hunting can be an overwhelming task – sometimes it feels like a maze and it’s hard to know where to begin. Recruiters have extensive industry knowledge, and we know where to look. Using our expertise, we can direct you to exactly where you should be searching.

9. Guidance & preparation

As recruiters, we have seen every interview faux pas out there, and we understand what employers like to see. We use our specialist knowledge to guide you through the entire recruitment process, giving you the upper hand at every stage. 

10. Matching your skills

Whether it's agency or client-side, we have years of combined experience placing candidates into their dream role. Recruiters match your skillset to the perfect job for you.

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