Cash for Kids Mission Christmas

Cash for Kids has launched its biggest appeal of the year, and you can help!

Every year Stafffinders raise money for a chosen Charity by taking part in various fundraising events and activities. Cash for Kids was chosen for 2016 and to date we have raised over £1500 for this amazing Charity. Events throughout the year have included the Glasgow and Edinburgh Kilt Walks, The Big Bake Day, and Superhero Day!

To finish the year, Stafffinders is getting involved in Cash for Kids Mission Christmas appeal and we would love your support to make a difference. This campaign aims to help children in poverty throughout Scotland have a happy, fun and memorable Christmas.


Gift/Toy Donation Stafffinders - Charity Xmas

The joy on a child’s face when they receive a gift on Christmas morning is simply priceless. Through the purchase of one extra present you can ensure that a child receives a gift and has a smile this Christmas morning. 

Cash for Kids are looking for new and unwrapped gifts suitable for children and young people aged 0-18 years. Your gifts will be given to local disadvantaged children to make their Christmas morning that little bit brighter.

Presents can be donated by visiting Stafffinders Paisley or Edinburgh offices.

A map to Stafffinders Paisley and Edinburgh offices can be found here.


Financial Donation Stafffinders - Text to Donate

To give £5 to Cash for Kids simply text STAFF to 70808*. 100% of your donation will go directly to local vulnerable and disadvantaged children so that they can have a memorable Christmas.

Alternately, please feel free to visit our Paisley or Edinburgh offices to donate in person.

*Charged at your standard network rate with 100% of the £5 donation going to Cash for Kids.
Click here for text donate terms & conditions. 


Here's some information about Cash for Kids and the children they help...

  • Every penny you donate goes directly to children in Scotland who need it most.
  • You do not have to walk more than five miles from where you currently stand to meet a family whose lives have been touched by Cash for Kids.
  • For the most vulnerable of our children, around one in five (18.6%) have been severely maltreated.
  • More than one in eight children (13.4%) has experienced severe maltreatment by a parent or guardian.
  • One in 14 children (6.9%) has experienced severe physical violence at the hands of an adult.
  • One in 20 children (4.8%) has experienced sexual abuse.
  • One in 10 children (9.8%) has experienced severe neglect.
  • 21% of persistently poor children will have language development concerns, compared to 16% of temporarily poor children and 12% of children who avoid poverty.
  • In deprived areas of Scotland 11% of pupils leave school without any qualifications, compared with 3% for the rest of Scotland.
  • On average, there is a 60% gap in attainment levels between children living in low-income households and their better-off classmates at S4.
  • Pupils' social and economic circumstances are the most significant factors explaining their educational results

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated, got involved and supported our efforts in helping this fantastic cause. We couldn’t have done it without you!