Career Ready Interns

Continuing in our mission to develop talent, we’re delighted to welcome two Career Ready UK interns to the Stafffinders team.  Manjoht and Elizabeth (pictured above) will be joining Stafffinders for a four-week period to gather some invaluable work experience.

Manjoht and Elizabeth will be working closely with our expert recruitment consultants across a range of recruitment markets including commercial, hospitality and industrial- providing our consultants with assistance in the recruitment process.

Manjoht and Elizabeth will also be involved with our marketing team, alongside our other interns. They will help create social media content, develop and distribute newsletters and plan future marketing materials. Manjoht and Elizabeth will also help develop our webpages by finding new graphics and refreshing company website content.

Having just completed their fifth year of high school, we had a chat with Manjoht and Elizabeth to find out more about them, and what they hope to achieve from their Career Ready internship. 


“My main interests are in the artistic subjects in school, specifically graphical design. After school, I hope to attend university and study architecture. My main aim for this internship is to develop my communication skills, as well as my confidence in talking to new people”. 


 “I also have a strong passion for art, with my two favourite school classes being graphics and art. After leaving school, I hope to attend either college or university and become a graphical designer. Throughout my career ready internship, I hope to develop my confidence within the workplace and improve my communication skills.”

The Career Ready programme is all about providing young people with opportunities. By doing so, young people can get a head start in their career, developing key skills and gaining invaluable experiences that will stand them in good stead for the future. We look forward to working with Manjoht and Elizabeth over the following weeks!