Career Paths: Office Administration

In recent years, the market has changed in regard to the role of administration staff in the office. Once restricted to basic admin tasks, the role now comes with a wider range of responsibilities and can perhaps be considered the backbone of any office. Often an arguably underestimated role, office administrators are typically responsible for a large and varied number of day-to-day tasks, which are usually crucial to the smooth running of the office. So, why should you consider a role in office administration?


1)      You’ll get to know everything about the company

Being a part of the main foundations of the office might seem like an engulfing task, but through this you’ll become a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the company. You’ll soon be the first port of call when anyone has a question, making you a valuable cog in the office’s system.


2)      Skills are transferable

The skills you’ll pick up as an office administrative are ones which can be easily transferred to similar roles, in a wide variety of industries. Responsibilities such as being customers/visitors first form of interaction in the company, utilising Microsoft Office skills, handling all enquiries via telephone and email, organising and storing documents, and arranging diaries (to name just a few!) are skills that are needed in a magnitude of job sectors. An administration role is the chance to put your skills to the test and seeing how far your hard work can take you.


3)      It’s industry variable

As mentioned above, the skills you’ll acquire in an administration role are applicable to virtually any industry. The majority of companies will always need administration staff, making it the perfect way to get your foot in the door with the industry you most want to work in.


4)      Job satisfaction

There’s no denying that office administration can be quite a workload. You’ll have a long list of responsibilities, usually on a tight deadline. As stressful as it can be, its inevitably rewarding at the end of the day, knowing the smooth-running of the office is primarily down to you. Credit where it’s due!


5)      Career Prospects

Following your initial training, its possible that you can advance further throughout your time in the job. Although some companies may only provide you with the traditional administration role, others will allow you to develop and expand your responsibilities. There are qualifications that you can work toward in this field, and in many industries the possibility of upward mobility within the company.


Whether you have experience in the industry or are considering a change of career path, our consultants have a vast collection of knowledge - as well as past involvement - in the industry, making Stafffinders the perfect choice to help you in your search for a role in office administration.


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