Career Paths: Construction

Looking for a career that will keep you in-demand, challenged but valued for your work? The ever-growing industry of construction could be the one for you. If you’ve ever pondered the idea of a role in construction, the following reasons may help convince you of the benefits of pursuing a career in this exciting sector.


(1)    Demand

In the past decade, there has been a steady increase in demand for construction workers meaning that the availability of jobs is undeniable. With an industry facing a degree of shortage regarding skilled workers, it is also becoming increasingly candidate driven.

(2)    Career Progression

A career in construction can offer a wide variety of roles, and within each there is a clear possibility of progression if you stick in and are good at what you do. 

(3)    Salary Progression

Just as your career grows, so too will your salary. As your skills grow within the profession, its very likely that you’ll be able to move up the ranks, and as you climb the ladder your salary will rise.

(4)    Different Ways to Enter the Industry

The construction sector can be accessed through a variety of routes. For example, starting off as an apprentice can lead to a range of growth opportunities, whilst going to university and entering the field with a degree could mean entering at a higher level.

(5)    Options

Construction is a massive industry, and there’s plenty of options available. Interested in a career in construction, but not sure which job role is the one for you? With options including electrician, engineer, equipment operators, plumbers, roofers, and many, many more… you have plenty of paths to choose from.


The construction sector is evidently hugely diverse, with plenty of options on how to enter the industry as well as many options over which role is the best fit for you.

Opportunities within the construction industry can be notoriously hard to come by. Having worked with key contacts from within the industry over the last forty years, we benefit from being the first port of call for companies looking for suitable candidates to fill their vacancies throughout Scotland.

To take the first steps in finding your dream role in construction, contact our expert team of consultants at Stafffinders.