Career as a Chef

Television is making cooks become the new rock stars! Twenty/thirty years ago celebrity chefs did not exist, there was of course TV cooks, Delia, Fanny Cradock and the irrepressible Keith Floyd. However nothing compared to today's plethora of chefs and programmes across all channels everyday and weekend. You would think with all the exposure of celebrity status that becoming a chef would be on par with a footballer/rock star/actor. This is anything but the truth, in reality there are less and less people following this career path, making restaurants and hotels take note of when talent does emerge. As a chef recruiter for many years there has never been a better time for someone, who has passion and drive to learn, to be successful. The many Head Chefs I speak with on a daily basis all agree that to find good junior chefs is akin to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and when they do appear they have to be nurtured, trained and developed to become the next generations Head Chefs.

The life of a chef has certainly been made to look glamorous, this is not always the case. However choosing to be a chef can lead to a great, fulfilling and financially profitable life. Working in a kitchen generates the kinds of highs that most jobs can not get anywhere near, the thrill and rush of completing a busy service is intoxicating, as is pulling through a service that could have ended in disaster. The stress levels can reach boiling point, as famously shown on numerous fly on the wall documentaries, but the sense of camaraderie within the hot noisy kitchen makes it all worth while. Then there is the final result. Creating food that demands the finest touch, perfect timing and delicate presentation. Hearing the compliments of the guests and seeing empty plate after empty plate return to the pot wash leaves a sense of pride in the heart.

The key to achieve as much as possible from a career as a chef is to get the best possible training from a respected and talented chef. Hard work, passion and dedication are all required. While the pay at the start of the career may not seem fantastic, the first few roles will have a huge say in the rest of your days in a kitchen.

This is where Stafffinders can help. When looking for great roles, speak to us as our consultants work alongside the very best Chefs and kitchens throughout Scotland. We will ensure that the criteria a candidate is looking for is matched to the clients needs and is developing careers of chefs and helping kitchens to attain the accolades and awards they deserve. .

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