The best way to get a new job this new year

Whether it’s people focused on joining the workforce, or those who are looking for greener pastures, as the calendar turns into a new year job hunting quickly becomes the focus for many. It is one of the more popular New Year’s resolutions, right up there with losing weight and quitting smoking.

So, what is the best way to find a new job in the new year? Below we discuss some tips and tricks that you can use to help find new employment.

Update your CV Update your CV

First and foremost, you need to spend some time updating your CV. Your CV is your sales document and it needs to impress.

Make sure that it is up to date with your most relevant experience and achievements, and tailor it to highlight key skills and experience that relates specifically to the type of role you’re looking for.

Also, ensure that your CV is clearly laid out with appropriate and visible headings. Avoid using coloured and hard to read fonts. Sticking to the classics like Arial and Calibri is your best bet.

Remember, the goal of your CV isn’t to get you a job; it’s to get you an interview, it’s to make the hiring manager or recruiter want to find out more about you.

For more information and to download our CV template, visit our careers advice page here.

Google yourself Go Google Yourself

Although this may seem strange, do it. Why? Because in the era of social media and technology hiring managers/recruiters will look up potential candidates online to discover what else they can find out.

Will you be surprised with some of the results that appear on Google? Does anything appear that you wouldn’t want a potential employer seeing or reading? If the answer is yes, you can write or email the website and ask them to remove or amend the information. While you are online, be sure to check and update your social media accounts.

Check your social media profilesCheck your social media accounts

During the festive period, it is not uncommon for “unflattering” photos to be taken and posted to social media, so remember to check and update the security settings on your social media accounts.

Recruiters and hiring managers are increasing turning to social media to find out more about potential employees and whether they match or reflect the company’s values and ethics. In fact, in one survey of 550 hiring managers, 68% admitted to rejecting a candidate’s application based on what they saw on the candidate’s social media accounts!

Want to know more? Check out our article about how your social media profiles are costing you your dream job. 

Think about which organisations you would like to work forThink about where you might want to work

Before you delve right into your job search, it is a great idea to begin by compiling a list of organisations that you would like to work for/at. This is particularly helpful information if you’re using a recruiter as it gives them great insight into what is it you’re looking for.

Once you have identified these organisations, follow them on social media and regularly check their website to see if there are any jobs openings.

It’s also a great idea to look the company up on LinkedIn and see if you know somewhere who works there. They can keep an ear to the ground regarding hiring, and you may be able to apply for a role before it gets advertised.

Brush up on skills that may be required in your new role Brush up on skills or learn new ones

Innovation forms a vital element of the modern business world, and being aware and knowing how to utilise the latest trends, innovations and techniques is a great way to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Roles within the workplace are also becoming increasingly dynamic and employees who can perform a varied range of roles are more attractive to many employers.

If you feel that you’re lacking in areas of your chosen role, brush up on your skills by attending night classes or using web based training platforms. Investing in yourself and your skills is key to continuing your career, regardless of your job/role. Showing that you’re proactive about your development will also help you to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers, so make sure to include this training in your CV.

Network & reconnect Network & Reconnect

Networking and attending industry related events is a fantastic way to kick start your employment search.

Not only can you meet people from the companies that you have identified as possible employers, you can also get exposure to the latest developments and innovations in your field. Gaining this knowledge and understanding current trends is a big positive during the interview stages as you can effectively showcase your expertise.

If you do meet someone from a pre-identified target organisation, use this opportunity to learn and find about more about their purpose, visions, culture and internal structure and team make up. You may also learn of current or future openings.

Reconnecting with former co-workers, employers and other networking contacts that you have fallen out of touch with can also add another element to your job search. Having a strong network puts you in a better position to hear about job leads.

Dedicate time to job searching Make time for job hunting

Whether it’s a few hours every couple of days, or 20 minutes a day, schedule and devote specific time to job searching. Knowing when you are going to search and apply will help you to mentally prepare and push past fatigue.

To make the best use of this time, turn your phone off, close Facebook and ensure that you will not be easily distracted.

If you decide to dedicate a lot of time to job hunting, make sure to take frequents breaks and engage in other activities so that your enthusiasm doesn’t disappear.

Mentally prepare Mentally prepare for your job hunt

Finding new employment or changing jobs can be tough. Between applying, interviews and giving notice the process can often take a couple of months. Don’t expect instant results and do not get disheartened if a few things do not go your way. Resilience is the key to successful job hunting.

If you are able to, don’t be afraid to take a couple of days away from job hunting in order to gain a mental release.

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