Stafffinders: One Stop Shop Recruitment

It’s easy to presume that working with multiple agencies to help fill your diverse workforce is the quickest and most efficient way to source talent. In fact, dealing with a range of agencies not only prolongs the search for your desired vacancies but also eliminates the chance to build a meaningful relationship with an agency that could expand your future workforce.

Many industries have a broad range of varied job types from supply chain managers and courier positions within the distribution industry to white-collar professionals and skilled labourers in the construction industry. And you may be thinking that you need to contact multiple agencies in order to fill different areas of your team.

At Stafffinders, we’re proud to encompass a magnitude of job types from our extensive sector range, meaning you can come to us for any staffing requirements within our 34 industry divisions – simple! In our blog, we explore our ‘One Stop Shop’ outlook and the key advantages of working with one agency to fulfil jobs across multiple professions for your organisation. 


How does Stafffinders offer a ‘One Stop Shop’?

For over 49 years, we have been working within 34 industry divisions allowing us to build an extensive candidate database and strong client partnerships. Our dedicated, specialist teams combined with unrivalled multiple industry knowledge grants us the ability to source the best talent for organisations that have a varied workforce. Recruiting for all types of businesses as well as a broad range of professions gives us the confidence to work exclusively with a number of fantastic clients looking for the whole package.

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What are the benefits of working exclusively with an agency?

Achieve a quicker and more streamlined hiring process

Let’s be honest, working with several agencies to try and build a team can be stressful, confusing and can take up a lot of your valued time. The greatest advantage of using one agency to encompass all of your recruitment needs is the decrease in hire time, to achieve a more streamlined process.

You may have several roles to fill within your organisation and your first protocol may be to source different agencies to help speed up the process. However, contacting numerous agencies not only means briefing every single one with various requirements but also means you may be dealing with several different people in order to complete your workforce. Working alongside a specific recruitment agency that captures all of your needs in one guarantees a smoother and more efficient process, from start to finish.


Interconnected team dynamic to supply the best talent

At Stafffinders we have many divisions, all focusing on their specialist industries, yet our strong team dynamic allows our teams to work together to provide a variety of talented candidates required within your organisation.  

Whether that’s our commercial team filing an accounts role or industrial team sourcing cleaners for your business, it's essential that our teams work closely to ensure the sourced candidates complement your expectations. Operating with so many divisions, therefore, allow us to communicate and collaborate effectively in order to source varied talent in multiple areas of your business.


Stronger relationship and trust that your needs will be met

Forming a deeper relationship with clients allows agencies to fully understand your business needs and expectations, establishing a higher level of trust when it comes to building your team. We believe that recruiting is more than just filling job vacancies; its all about supplying the foundations for business relationships, serving your long-term business needs and developing a loyal partnership.

It’s also Stafffinders paramount objective to understand your client’s goals, culture and personality in order to find the perfect match for your business and work together to build a team that represents your organisation to its fullest potential. A fantastic level of commitment from both parties ensures an efficient hiring process, a deeper professional relationship, as well as unrivalled trust to build you a winning team.


Straight forward and clarified process for candidates

Getting to know your company on a deeper level and understanding your objectives also allows consultants to brief candidates better and really sell the vacancy you are filling. Candidates can then develop greater insight into the role, company culture, your business objectives, and expectations. Shortlisted candidates will also appreciate unrivalled support throughout the recruitment process, from initial interview prep to assistance in commencing the role for the successful candidate.

It's our commitment to keep all parties in the know from start to finish, ensuring that candidates receive the utmost clarity of their journey as well as making sure clients receive prompt communication of the hiring process.

To guarantee a simple yet effective way of managing hours and holidays, candidates and clients benefit from utilising our innovative online Timesheet solution. This allows candidates to easily check-in and out via remote-access, saving time and guaranteeing an efficient payroll method.

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Exclusivity and loyal partnership

Loyalty goes a long way! Dealing with many clients over our 49 years in business has allowed us to create genuine and strong partnerships with a number of fantastic businesses all over Scotland. The time and effort devoted by both parties welcome a trusted relationship and in turn an unrivalled service when filling vacancies. Companies working exclusively with an agency will appreciate a tailored, comprehensive candidate search and screening process, and even get access to premium candidates

Of course, this doesn’t mean we are less dedicated to our non-exclusive clients, but like any other business that has developed loyalty over the years, the partnership and quality of service speaks for itself. Taking the time to get to know you and your organisation also enables us to identify more personalised rates and fees that can be discussed with our specialist consultants. As well as all the work that goes on behind the scenes, exclusive partnerships are championed via our range of platforms, including our website, social media channels print materials. And when the time is right to resume networking and events, it is in our best interest to work together and partner with our exclusive clients, supporting a joint venture which complements both companies’ overall goals.

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