Benefits of hiring temporary staff over the festive season

Many businesses experience fluctuating periods of busy and quiet spells throughout the year, but there is one time of the year that makes it busier than ever… the festive season! And whilst we are all still facing a peculiar 2020 with continued uncertainty amongst many industries, hiring temporary workers is a no brainer.  

Perhaps you require extra waiting staff to support a tight turnaround of tables (up until the curfew of course!) or maybe you need additional warehouse staff to help pick and pack all those Christmas gifts. In our latest blog, we explore the key advantages of hiring temporary staff over the Christmas holidays to support seasonal demand.

Flexible workforce

One of the most beneficial elements of utilising temporary workers across the festive season is the degree of flexibility it offers. This allows you to tailor your staffing needs in line with your busy periods, ensuring your business remains to run smoothly over an already hectic Christmas rush. With the world still experiencing some uncertainty and ambiguity of what’s coming next, flexibility for businesses is key!

Cost-effective method

Securing temporary workers eliminates the costs involved in employing permanent staff, including annual salaries and full-time company benefits you may offer. As mentioned above, hiring temporary staff also allows you to employ workers only when you need them which reflects in the costs depending on their hours, unlike fixed permanent salaries. A fantastic advantage of hiring Stafffinders temporary workers is that they can be employed for as little as four hours per assignment, seven days a week, guaranteeing a cost-effective solution.

Efficient onboarding

Taking on temporary staff is a quick and easy process to boost your workforce just when you need it! Most temporary candidates are also usually immediately available to commence new roles, meaning you won’t need to wait for the completion of notice periods or carry out a long interview process. This ensures a speedy turnaround, allowing you business to adjust quickly and easily to workload pressures.

Time-saving process

As the festive season approaches, we know it can be a stressful time for many organisations and having the time to source your own workforce just isn’t feasible. With a recruitment agency, you don’t need to worry about the ins and outs of the recruitment process, candidate screening or payroll procedure… we do it all for you! Temporary workers are also normally employed for a short period of time to carry out a specific role, meaning you won’t need to spend too much time on extensive training or finding the perfect cultural fit for your organisation.

Specialised staff

At Stafffinders, our consultants have a broad database of candidates ready for work across several industry divisions, meaning you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to find you the staff you need. Many temporary workers have completed a multitude of assignments in their chosen field, across a variety of work environments and levels of demand. Some may even have experience of different roles, meaning they are highly adaptable to new responsibilities and in turn enhance productivity levels amongst the team.