Are Your Social Media Profiles Costing You?

With social media checks becoming increasingly normal, employers are spending an significant amount of time trawling through candidate’s social media footprint.

Eagle-eyed bosses are rejecting applications from prospective employees whose social media behaviour falls short of expected standards, and does not match or reflect the company’s values and ethics.

According to Protecting Consultancy, three-quarters of managers admit to looking up both candidates and existing employees online profiles, and releasing anyone who might bring the company into disrepute.

"The job market is so competitive these days, which means employers are only taking on the best applicationts. That means your social media presence has to be absolutely spotless, and the Facebook trawl is becoming standard practise in recruitment." Mark Hall, Protecting spokesman.

A survey of 550 managers who have a say in an organisation's recruitment process found that:

  • 74% look at candidates’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to see if they displayed behaviour that is unsuitable for the job. 
  • 68% had rejected a candidate based on what they saw on the their social media profiles
  • 24% had issued formal warnings to current staff over their social media presence and behaviour.
  • 15% were suspicious of a candidate that had no visible social media presence.

There is no shortage of business leaders willing to speak about their experience in recruiting staff in today's digital age.

“Social media shouldn’t be the immediate deal breaker when it comes to recruitment,” says Hall. “They might be a party animal outside of work, but it’s their work skills and behaviour you’re employing them for.”

Our Advice...

If you apply for a job, while having public-facing profiles that show inappropriate behaviour, you are leaving yourself open to rejection.

Delete those photos, change your privacy settings, or better still, don’t post them in the first place.

For advice on how to manage your online profiles, or update the privacy settings on your social accounts, please contact one of the friendly Stafffinders team who will be happy to help.

If you would like to discuss how Stafffinders can assist you in your recruitment search or with candidate social media profile research, please contact one of the team.

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