And the winner is....

Picture taken from Miller & Carter Facebook page. 

Congratulations Karen McIvor, you won the £50 Miller & Carter voucher!

We were pleased to see that so many people chose to participate in our Facebook prize draw and who also gave some excellent examples of how they destress after work. Karen McIvor is the winner of our Facebook prize draw and gets to enjoy a meal with someone at Miller & Carter! 

Some of the stories you shared of how you create a healthy work-life balance

Christine Clements: "I turn my phone off from 7pm to relax so that I am not interrupted with phone calls, emails and notifications and to create quality time with my family and friends."

Vici Crandon: "I schedule appointments with myself! 1/2 hour in peace away from work is amazing!"

Linda Watson: "We ensure we take 2 hours off in the middle of the day and sometimes I must light a candle and take a bath."

Rachael Buckley: "My work life balance tip is to be in a job you enjoy as it feels less like work and also to make sure you try to unwind properly after work with a walk or switching off your emails a good few hours before bed! You'll feel better as well as being more productive at work."

Rene Forder: "I do yoga and spend time with friends."

Susan McAuslan: "Always have something planned as a pay day treat so you have something to look forward to each month to get you through the working days."

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