Accessing the Hidden Job Market

Whether you are currently looking for a job or not, we have all experienced the frustration that comes along with job hunting at one point or another. What could be worse than an unsuccessful application, a disastrous interview, and the constant emails from job boards that you don’t even remember subscribing to? Well, there’s always the possibility that your dream job is available, but not publicly advertised…

This situation is far more common than you might think, with Business Insider arguing that 80% of open job opportunities not being listed online. So, how can you not only tap into this hidden market, but successfully find your ideal job through it? Here are Stafffinders best tips:


(1)    Network

It’s true what they say – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and according to Business Insider, 70% of people find their job this way. Networking is crucial for tapping into the hidden job market – any contacts you have could provide the key introduction that could take you to the next level of your job hunt. Just make sure you prioritize your contacts in order of who could lead you to the best opportunities. A good way to start building your list of contacts is by joining industry-related groups, attending events or conferences, and being bold! Introduce yourself and put yourself out there – you never know where it could lead.


(2)    Develop Your Online Presence

These days, social media can be key to finding a job – if you use it correctly. LinkedIn in particular is socialpurposely built for professional use and can be the ideal way to connect with potential employers. Connecting with someone from the company you are interested in working for, and enquiring about a referral for an opportunity can be much more effective than applying for a role through the usual methods. If you’re using LinkedIn throughout your job hunt, just ensure your profile is concise, correct, and most importantly professional. Double check the privacy settings on your other social media accounts, too – make sure there’s nothing publicly accessible that could be detrimental to your job search.


(3)    Build A Plan

Applying for jobs all day every day is all well and good, until you forget what you have applied for, and realise that half of what you did apply for doesn’t necessarily grab your attention. Instead, develop a clear plan and decide what kind of job, in what kind of company, you really want. It’s better to put more effort in to the job you really want rather than spreading yourself too thin for opportunities you’re not fully invested in. Once you have done this, commit to spending a certain amount of time every few days developing your application and finding your perfect job.


(4)    Focus on the Company, Not the Job Board

If you’ve outlined certain companies that you’d like to work for, look at the careers page on their own website rather than going through pages and pages on a job board hoping to see the company name pop up. Many companies might not even use job boards, so it’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on their website and look out for any updates.


(5)    Don’t Put Yourself Down

Everyone knows how frustrating job hunting can be. So, if you’re faced with a stream of rejections, or feel like you’re getting nowhere further than the usual job boards – don’t panic! You’re not alone, and everyone encounters this at some point in their search for a job. Try to stay positive, and keep doing what you’re doing. Give your CV a tweak now and then to keep it fresh, and keep tapping in to that hidden job market – soon enough that tap could become strong enough to break down the barrier between you and your dream job!


For help with your job hunt, contact us at Stafffinders, or email your CV to . Working with a recruiter can make each of these steps much easier, and give you the helping hand you need.