5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination at Work

We’ve all been there – sitting at our desk with a deadline looming overheads, yet still struggling to find the motivation to actually get on with the task at hand. We all become a victim of procrastination at some point throughout our week, but if you find it happening more than it should it could be time to tackle the problem. So, what can we do when we have those days where doing literally anything else seems like a better option than what we’re actually supposed to be doing?

1. Be Realistic

One of the things holding you back could be the worry of everything else you have to move on to afterwards. Before you crack on with your work, take a moment in the morning to set yourself a realistic to do list for the day. This should keep you on track, and give you some motivation as you work through your tasks and see it become gradually smaller.

2. Get Rid of Distractions

It might sound easier said than done, but getting rid of some distractions is the obvious starting point for defeating procrastination. Close down any unnecessary tabs, log out of social media and put your phone down. If the distractions come from other people within the office, take your work into a more secluded room if possible, until you finish the task.

3. Remember Why You’re Doing It

It’s easy for our minds to wander when we forget the purpose of our work. Try to remember what you’re aiming for with the outcome of your work. Focusing on the long-term benefits rather than the short-term stress it might be causing should hopefully direct you to a bit more motivation

4. Rethink Your Environment

When you’re struggling with a task and looking for distractions, the first place you find them might be right under your nose. If your workspace is a bit hectic, one of the usual diversions most of us tend to go to is tidying our desk. Make sure you keep your workspace optimised as this can undoubtedly hinder your productivity and cause distractions.

5. Don’t Doubt Yourself

It’s easy to procrastinate if you have already told yourself you can’t complete the task. Keep up some positivity and you could be surprised at how far it takes you. Sometimes being a perfectionist can hinder how well you actually work so, again, be realistic and believe that you can get the work completed.

We all procrastinate at some point, but follow these steps and try not to let it affect your work or its standard. Have a look at some of our previous articles that focus on how you can do your best at work:

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