20 Things You'll Only Know if You Work in an Office

Offices can be strange places and one which you don’t fully understand until you’ve worked in one. From mug politics to casual Fridays, you’ll encounter plenty of things that you never imagined could infuriate you quite like it does within in the office…

1) Finding a space for your food in the office fridge

It's like a game of Tetris in the morning trying to slot your sandwich into the fridge. 

2) "Oh, you're making some tea?"

When you attempt to make a tea or coffee for yourself… and suddenly you're taking orders for 7 other people. And there is always that one person that accepts an offer of tea but never makes it themselves.

3) Temperature politics

Its 2 degrees outside, but there’s always that one person who wants the window open. Working in an office has taught you that there is no "nice" temperature and there almost always a war going on between the hot and cold people. 

4) The office complainer

There's always one in the office. The negative vibe who moans all week every week, they will always find something that isn't quite to their liking.

5) The positive vibe of the office 

On the contrary, there is always one person that skips into the office and can cheer you up with a quick chat by the printer. The positive vibe of the office who is suspiciously happy on a Monday morning. 

6) Silent conversations

There are more internal emails exchanged than external in most offices. It is a common occurrence to have a full conversation via email with someone who sits opposite you, then sit in awkward silence while they read what you've just sent them.

7) Cake

Every birthday or special event the office is blessed with cake. It is a race to get a decent sized bit to go along with your 3 o'clock tea. On the other side, you're on a diet and it's the 3rd birthday this month. Trying to resist the cake is the top of your to-do list.

8) The noisy eater

Enough said.

9) The countdown to 5pm on a Friday

It starts at 9am on a Monday morning, the countdown to the weekend. 

10) Sorry, who are you?

There's always that one person whos name you’ve never quite learned – and it’s too late to ask now. 

11) Awkward chat

Whether it be at the printer waiting for them to finish printing their 200 pages, at the kettle when all you want is your nice warm brew or at the lift... Awkward chat with co-workers is unavoidable

12) Casual Fridays… how casual is too casual?

You’ve tried everything you own and you either look like you're attending the royal wedding or slouching on the couch binge watching Netflix. Why is finding an in-between so difficult?

13) Developing a mild caffeine addiction

Tea and coffee are the fuel of the office, there's no way about it. You come into the office promising you will stick to drinking water, which doesn't last long. Soon you will be boiling the kettle on the hour, every hour.

14) Coffee breath

With the amount of coffee the office goes through on a weekly basis, coffee breath is no stranger. 

15) Avoiding other people with coffee breath

"Oh, I just remembered! I have a big deadline coming up..."

16) The mug thief

You go to have your first coffee of the day but to your horror, your mug is missing. Internally debating whether to confront it or not.

17) There’s always someone on a diet

And you’ll always be kept up to date on their progress

18) There's always one...

That one person that talks way too loudly on the phone

19) The stationary thief

Remember the stapler that you had sitting out then it went missing? All of a sudden it appears on someone else’s desk

20) Holiday chat

Having a holiday coming up, and definitely letting everyone else know about it. But don’t even mention anyone else’s holiday, no one wants to know about that

Despite these occasional bug bearers, the bonds you make in an office are like no other and really can make your working days easier. If you enjoyed this article, here are a few more that you will love! 

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