10 Minutes to Impress

8/10 employers admit candidates have just 10 minutes to impress during an interview. 

According to a recent poll of 500 employers by YouGov, eight out of ten managers admit that they know within the first ten minutes of an interview, whether a candidate is right for the role.

Additionally, one in four hiring employers said time wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates was one of the most challenging aspects of the recruitment process.

Despite an on-going reliance on traditional paper CVs, 60% of employers say a CV does not accurately represent a candidate. One employer questioned as part of the survey said that CVs are now “so souped up that they do not mean much.”

And with nearly a third (32%) of Brits thinking that stretching the truth on their CV is acceptable and three quarters worrying that other people embellish theirs, the concern of employers are not surprising.

In the same research, 2000 British adults were also surveyed with 71% admitting to feeling under pressure to stand out from other candidates. From the results of this study it is clear that the CV is not the tool to use in order to impress. 

According to most employers, the most over-used buzzwords on CV’s are ‘hard-working’, ‘team-player’ and ‘motivated’. These also happen to be the phrase that most Brits are most likely to admit to using on their own CV.

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