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Quality engineers are involved in developing systems or processes which ensure that products or services are designed and produced to meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. Quality engineer systems are often developed in conjunction with other business and engineering disciplines using a cross-functional approach.

The average salary for a Technical Quality Engineer in the UK is  £28,000 but salaries can range from  £23,000 to  £50,000 depending on experience.

What does a Quality Engineer do?

  • assure project deliverables;
  • ensure that activites are carried out right the first time in order to deliver on time;
  • day to day management of quality on major projects;
  • validating of project processes used by all project members to ensure their compliance and suitability;
  • accepting products from internal and external suppliers;
  • managing and resolving issues relating to product, people and processes;
  • independent measuring and reporting of project activities to ensure that any poor quality is dealt with at the earliest opportunity;
  • developing and implementing the audit programme for the project;
  • liaising with customers to ensure that their requirements are being met;
  • working with and where appropriate challenge the activities of major suppliers and partners;
  • supporting the development and maintenance of company processes and procedures.

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