Electrician Jobs

Electrician jobs are to install and maintain the cables, conduits, fittings, meters, switchgear and wiring for the electricity supply for a house, office or other building.  Installation electrician jobs follow architects or contractors plans to install new electricity supply equipment. They have to make sure the system is earthed and tested before the electricity company will connect the supply.

Electrician jobs include rewiring or fitting new equipment in an existing system may have to ensure the supply is disconnected before they can remove the old equipment and install the new.

Service and maintenance electrician jobs may work on large manufacturing machinery or may repair washing machines, cookers or office equipment.

Electrician jobs may work alone or with other tradespeople, such as plumbers, carpenters, and builders.

Electrician jobs need to be

  • good with their hands
  • good at maths and science, especially physics
  • able to follow technical drawings and work out calculations
  • highly safety-conscious
  • interested in practical work.

The most usual route into the job for is through an apprenticeship. Colleges also offer City & Guilds 2351 Electrical Installation.

An electrical installation apprenticeship usually takes around four years and includes on-the-job practical training through work experience. Apprentices also spend time at college on a day or block release basis.

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