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Design engineer jobs are design new products and find ways of improving existing ones. Depending on the field in which design engineers work, they could be mechanical, electrical, electronics or civil engineers.

Design engineer jobs tend to specialise in one area, which could include appliances and equipment (e.g. washing machines, garden tools or sports equipment), office machines (e.g. laptops and photocopiers), transport, packaging for goods and buildings and bridges.

Design engineer jobs tend to specialise in one area, but all have to start from a brief or an idea for a product, or from a problem that needs to be solved. Design engineer jobs use their creative and engineering skills to come up with the best, most cost-effective design. Design engineer jobs may do some hand-drawing, but most design work is done on special computer packages.

Design engineer jobs usually work 37-40 hours a week, Monday to Friday, but may work overtime in the evenings or at weekends. Design engineer jobs are normally based in a design or drawing office, spending much of their time at the computer. Design engineer jobs may have to travel to customers' sites or to manufacturing areas.

Design engineer jobs salaries range from around £18,000 to more than £45,000 a year.

Design engineer jobs need to be creative and good problem solvers.

There are job opportunities for design engineer jobs throughout the county in construction, building services, electronics, shipbuilding, aerospace, power generation, railways, electronics and vehicle and consumer goods manufacture.

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