CNC Machinist Jobs

Highly skilled operators of computer numerical machines use CNC tools to cut, drill, shape and finish products and components. Typical jobs for the CNC machinist predominantly involve work with metals but also deal with wood, composite materials and plastics. Aspects of the job include specific skills to programme the machines, based upon technical instructions and create the desired product. The main job opportunities for CNC machinists occur in mechanical engineering, construction, motor vehicle, aerospace and shipbuilding industries.

Skills and expertise for CNC machinist/programming jobs

CNC machinists’ daily duties will consist of the following;

  • Interpreting and converting detailed instructions into formats which CNC machines can implement
  • Perform regular inspections of equipment, ensuring that health and safety protocols are followed
  • Managing the machine throughout the construction process to ensuring quality standards are met
  • Positioning the materials for each cut, ensuring the cutting speeds are appropriate.

Where can you learn the skills for CNC Machinist Jobs 

Successful CNC machinist job candidates must have strong numerical skills, as well as the ability to read and interpret written instructions and specifications. CNC Machinists must also have a high level of attention to detail and be competent in using computers. Most CNC machinists enter the position by way of an apprenticeship or relevant college course. On average, CNC machinist jobs require 42-44 hours of work per week with the average salary ranging from £20,000 - £50,000 per year. Additionally, overtime is available which can increase your earning potential.

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