Chemical Engineer Jobs

Chemical engineer jobs use the processes that change materials in a chemical and physical way.

Chemical engineer jobs need to understand the science behind these processes to find out the best way to make the right products.

In processing environments chemical engineer jobs would involve: processing raw materials into products such as paper, cosmetics, food, drugs, textiles, fuel and metals.

In research environments chemical engineer jobs would involve: energy processing, cryogenics, propellants, microchips and skin tissue engineering.

In production environments chemical engineer jobs would involve in the construction and day to day operation of the processing plant.

Chemical engineer jobs need to understand engineering principles and processe, have good communication skills, have a logical approach, be able to express ideas and conclusions in writing.

Chemical engineer jobs require very high standard of computer literacy.

Generally chemical engineer jobs need a degree (BEng) or Higher National Certificate or Diploma in chemical engineering.

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