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Analytical Chemists carry out wet chemistry techniques based mainly on titration and gravimetric work. Primarily based in a laboratory, analytical chemistry involves in-depth analysis of end products and raw materials using a variety of techniques (i.e. gas chromatography (GC), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Analytical Chemists determine which substances are present in a sample and in what quantities and the skills are directly transferable to three sectors.

Manufacturing - where they monitor the production process to make sure that quality products are produced.

Pharmaceuticals - where they determine the stability and quality of drugs as well as being involved in the production of drugs to meet good manufacturing practice.

Public health - testing air, water, industrial waste, drugs and food to make sure they are safe.

The average salary for this role in Scotland in December 2018 is £27,200. As you progress in this career path to senior level, you can expect to achieve a salary level of £40,000.

List of skills within Analytical Chemistry

  • A logical mind with good problem-solving skills.
  • To be able to keep meticulous records of research.
  • Good maths and IT skills.
  • An interest in science, particularly chemistry.
  • Generally, a degree in Chemistry is required and some relevant experience.

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