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The main role of a Market Researcher involves the collection and analysis of relevant market research information, either in the form of quantitative or qualitative data.  Market researchers collect data from a variety of sources, processing this information into presentable and easy to understand format. This information is then used by senior marketing colleagues, such as Marketing Managers, to make informed decisions about future marketing operations.

The Market Researchers project areas 

A market researchers’ daily workload will consist of the following tasks: 

  • Creating, planning and implementing relevant research projects that have clearly defined end objectives. Market researchers will also be tasked with analysing gathered information. 
  • Constructing qualitative and quantitative research methods such as surveys, questionnaires’, interviews, focus groups and so on.
  • Utilise statistical software that can easily organise and present large volumes of information. 
  • Evaluating past performance of a product or services, using such information to identify potential future trends.

Skills and Traits Required

To become a successful market researcher, candidates will require strong analytical skills and the ability to interpret information, both in numeric and written formats. Market researchers must also possess excellent organisational skills and have a tendency to place emphasis on detail. IT skills are also essential for market researchers, along with strong interpersonal and team working capabilities. 

Working Conditions and Salary

Often, market researchers will have a good balance between different working environments. For example, market researchers may be office based when data analysis is required, however, field work and travel may be required to gather the data itself. In terms of salary, the average market researcher’s salary ranges from £25,000 to £30,000. With experience and strong results, this figure may rise to between £40,000 to £70,000 

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