Energy Manager Jobs

With energy efficiency playing a key role of Industry 4.0 and governmental pressure to “go green”, the energy job market is more promising than ever with strong job prospects, an increasing number of opportunities and clear direction for UK energy.

It is estimated that by 2020, there could be an additional creation of 52,000 – 95,000 jobs in renewables alone with the UK boasting an immense 400,000 job opportunities.

At the centre of this growth and development comes an increasing demand for Energy Manager jobs. You'll utilise data driven decision making skills to provide strategic evaluation of energy use within organisations. As well as planning for efficiency, they regulate, monitor and evaluate the energy use of machinery, buildings, equipment and processes. Where they identify energy inefficiencies, they implement new policies and changes.

Energy Manager: an evolving role

An Energy Manager will carry out the following tasks on a daily basis:

  • Coordinate all areas within energy management from reducing carbon dioxide emissions to sustainable development and waste management
  • Design energy programs that maximise energy efficiency and decrease energy-related costs
  • Redesign processes, equipment and machinery and plan energy-related systems for future projects
  • Advocate for the use of renewable energy sources within the organisation
  • Create solutions for carbon management
  • Accurately record energy monitoring data
  • They may also monitor and plan for more efficient water systems

The typical working hours for Energy Managers are Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm.

Energy Managers receive from £22,000 to £33,000 starting salaries, however, once experienced they can expect to earn salaries over £60,000 for roles with a high level of responsibility.

Job opportunities within Renewables and Recycling

We recruit for all levels of jobs in the renewables and recycling sector which include:

Process Designer, Energy Manager, Lab Personnel, Senior Project Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Analytical and Research Chemist, Field Service Engineer, HSE Manager, Recycling Coordinator and Renewables Site Chemist.

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