Supply Chain and Procurement Jobs 

The main responsibility of a supply chain and procurement role involves scheduling and purchasing materials and services that enable an organisation to operate. It is the duty of supply chain and procurement to ensure that a business has quality materials at the right time and at the right prices.

Supply chain and procurement roles involve the following duties:

  • Liaise with management and colleagues to determine the levels of supplies required
  • Develop relationships with suppliers to negotiate the best prices
  • Research new materials and services for company use
  • Research potential suppliers 
  • Approve the ordering and purchasing of products and services
  • Finalise purchase details of materials and services
  • Communicate with suppliers to ensure material and service specifications are understood

How to be Successful in a Supply Chain Role

To be succesful in a supply chain and procurement role, candidates should possess a variety of skills. Some of the essential skills include good business sense, financial management, ability to communicate well and negotiate, an understanding of the marketplace and innovation.

You must also possess good relationship management skills. This is essential as much of your role will involve building relationships with existing and potential suppliers. 

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