Continuous Improvement Engineer Jobs

A role in Production Engineering and Continuous Improvement involves implementing production processes and procedures, leading productivity improvements and improving manufacturing efficiencies by using continuous improvement techniques.

Some of the duties involved in being a Continuous Improvement Engineer are as follows:

  • Leading continuous improvement initiatives
  • Determining manufacturing requirements for products
  • Designing new production processes and procedures
  • Ensuring quality of products and processes meets required standards
  • Removing waste from processes
  • Investigating and solving any breakdown problems
  • Benchmarking to determine best practices

Requirements for a Continuous Improvement Engineer

In order to carry out this role, you must possess a range of skills. Whilst you must have a good understanding of various manufacturing processes, you must also have good problem-solving skills and use logic when addressing issues.

Other vital skills required for the role include:

  • Ability to present and interpret data
  • Analytical skills
  • Written and communication proficiency
  • Ability to work with health and safety standards 

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