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Underwriters work in the insurance industry and their main responsibility it to decide whether or not to accept the risk of providing financial protection to clients and how much the insurance premiums should be. Their work involves carefully analysing and assessing how likely risks such as accidents, flood damage or theft may be investigating to establish the facts - eg.. about existing illnesses, or the value of property, finding out about the client's past claims and what safety precautions they are taking.

Responibilities of an Insurance Underwriter

  • To work under pressure to provide quality fast-paced underwriting 
  • solutions to commercial clients
  • To effectively decide which insurer’s product would be most suitable for 
  • client’s needs.
  • To clear terms for quotes sent by the executives within the the new 
  • business, renewals and Certsure teams with due reference to premium, terms 
  • & conditions and policy endorsements.
  • To provide effective support to others in the team and to the new 
  • business, renewals and Certsure teams.
  • To provide solutions to queries and technical assistance for other 
  • departments.
  • To liaise with insurers and maintain relationships.

Underwriters deal with straightforward cases as well as unusual or complex insurance portfolios valued at millions of pounds. They often specialise in a product area such as household or motor insurance, or life assurance. 

Insurance underwriter salaries may range from around £13,000 to £28,000 for trainees, to up to about £95,000 for senior class insurance underwriters. 

Insurance underwriters need to be decisive and logical individuals, who have good written and verbal communication skills, be good with numbers and computers, be good at negotiating, but diplomatic and enjoy working with statistics. 

Typically there are two ways into become an insurance underwriter.  Most large insurers take on graduates on training programmes. School leavers can also start as insurance technicians and progress to become underwriters by working up through the ranks.

Training is usually a combination of practical experience and study for professional qualifications. Lloyd's underwriters have to pass the Lloyd's Introductory Test within 15 months of starting work.  As careers develop, they may progress to handling more complex risks and possibly supervising a team of underwriters.

They may also move into risk management, surveying and claims recovery.

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