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Insurance technician jobs is to carry out much of the office work in insurance. Their work includes routine letter writing, updating records and dealing with enquiries from clients.
There are three main types of insurance technician jobs:

  • Underwriting or processing technicians support insurance underwriters. In straightforward cases technicians will give quotations for insurance. They refer more complicated cases to underwriters
  • Claims technicians deal with claims that policyholders make on their insurance 
  • Broker technicians work for insurance brokers. They help brokers with new proposals for insurance and with claims

Insurance Technician jobs work from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. They work in offices. Broker technicians may spend time out of the office, visiting clients or underwriters.

Insurance technician jobs communicate well verbally and in writing, have good numeracy skills, be honest and able to keep information confidential.
There are no set entry requirements for Insurance technician jobs. Some employers, though, ask for four GCSEs/S-grades (A-C/1-3) or equivalent qualifications.
Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships may be available for young people in England. Skillseekers and Modern Apprenticeships (Scotland), Modern Apprenticeships (Northern Ireland) and National Traineeships and Modern Apprenticeships (Wales) may also be available. There is no upper age limit for entry to this work.
Insurance technician jobs are trained by experienced technicians. Technicians can study for the examinations of The Chartered Insurance Institute.
Insurance technician jobs will require working for insurance companies, for Lloyd's of London and for insurance brokers. Opportunities are increasing. The job of a insurance technician can increase to a team leader. With further training they might be able to become underwriters, claims managers or brokers.

Insurance technician jobs salaries range from at least £10,000 a year for new entrants, to around £40,000 a year for some senior technicians.

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