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Insurance claims Settler/Managers are to oversee customer insurance claims. Their aim is to resolve claims quickly and efficiently. 

They tend to deal with relatively straightforward claims, which fall under standard terms and conditions, and have an agreed payout limit. 

Insurance Claims Managers take overall responsibility for claims, and oversee more complex cases. They may also deal with the more unusual cases that require more experience, or cases that have greater legal implications. 

Insurance Claims Settlers usually work around 35 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Some work in contact centres, where shift work is common and may be required to work weekends. The work is office-based, although claims managers and experienced settlers may need to visit brokers, solicitors and clients.

The role requires excellent customer service skills, the ability to empathise and deal with clients who may be distressed, be calm but assertive, have good administrative skills and enjoy talking to people.

Many work for insurance companies or insurance brokers. The number of insurance claims has grown, resulting in greater demand for qualified claims settlers and managers.

It is possible to start as a claims settler straight from school or enrol on an Apprenticeship scheme. Many start as claims settlers and progress to become claims managers. Some insurance companies have graduate training schemes, which can lead to claims management positions. Mature candidates can start as claims managers if they have relevant experience. 

Training for Insurance is usually on the job, often with a structured training programme in large companies. There is an increasing requirement for claims staff to study for a relevant qualification from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

If starting as a claims settler, it is possible to be promoted to a team leader or supervisor and possibly progress into a claims management role. Claims people who take relevant professional exams may be able to move into related areas, such as loss adjusting, insurance broking or sales.

Salaries range from around £11,000 a year for a new claims settler to £40,000 or more for an experienced claims manager with the relevant qualifications.

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