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Many insurance companies with large portfolios of clients need people influencer expertise to nurture new and existing accounts.  Account Managers will develop relationships with insurance brokers, advising them on all aspects of the business from start to finish.

Account management jobs for insurance managers will be responsible for the ongoing management of commercial clients, therefore, a good understanding of business needs can often be useful in the role.

Most British insurance companies sell their services through firms of insurance brokers or independent financial advisers, who act as agents for the insurance company. Increasingly, insurance is being sold to customers through direct companies, but more complex situations still require the intervention of these intermediaries. 

Role responsibilities for Insurance Account Manager Jobs

  • Providing the link between the insurance company and the broker.
  • Contacting and visiting brokers or agents to introduce new insurance products
  • Monitoring the performance of brokers and agents in respect of profits and standards
  • Advising brokers and agents about existing products and encouraging them to sell these products
  • Collaborating with regional and national teams
  • Identifying and developing new business in line with objectives
  • Acting as a mediator between the broker and the underwriter when developing new business (undertake early stage investigations and negotiate with the underwriters about the case)
  • Dealing with queries on existing business, responding quickly and accurately
  • Helping to negotiate with claims departments when problems arise
  • Keeping up to date with new legislation and technicalities
  • Staying abreast of market and customer changes
  • Understanding and maintaining a good working knowledge of the rules and compliance procedures of Financial Services Authority (FSA), and implementing the regulatory framework

Insurance Account Manager Salary Expectation

According to research from, the average salary for an account manager in the UK is £26,594 per annum. With various opportunities for promotions, earnings capability could be significantly higher, and bonuses could also affect income.

If you decide that account management is a career path for you, then browse through our latest Insurance account management jobs, the first step to your next account job.

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