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Claims Underwriters decide whether applications for insurance cover (risks) should be accepted and on what terms. Claims Underwriters assess a risk according to the likelihood of a claim being made by weighing up a number of factors and asking for detailed information from prospective clients (policy holders). The aim is to minimise losses for their company and help to make a profit.

Insurance is divided into two main sectors, typical work activities include:

  • General insurance - covers personal (motor, household, etc), commercial (insuring businesses and organisations against damage to premises, injury to people at work, etc) and re-insurance (accepting a risk or part of a risk from another insurer)
  • Life insurance - properly known as 'assurance', offers cover for illness, injury and death.

Qualified Underwriters earn between £25,000 and £40,000.

What does a Claims Underwriter job involve?

Most Underwriters specialise in one type of insurance.

Daily activities will vary according to the type of insurance offered by the company, but may include:

  • studying various insurance proposals
  • gathering and assessing background information
  • calculating possible risk and deciding how much individuals or organisations should pay for insurance (the premium)
  • deciding whether the risk should be shared with a re-insurer
  • computing results for appropriate premiums using actuarial information, other statistics and own judgement
  • visiting brokers or potential customers and preparing quotes
  • liaising with specialists, such as Surveyors or Doctors, for risk assessment
  • gathering information and various types of reports (medical records) from specialists
  • negotiating terms with policy holders or their brokers
  • ensuring that premiums are competitive
  • specifying conditions to be imposed on different types of policies, for example asking that a property owner install a burglar alarm
  • negotiating with brokers and drawing up contracts
  • writing policies

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