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Systems analysts analyse how well software, hardware and the wider IT system fit the business needs of their employer or of a client and write requirements for new ones. In System Analyst Jobs, you'll work with others from IT Project Manager jobs to Quality Assurance Engineer jobs to ensure developments are feasible

The value of the Systems Analyst job can't be underestimated and when jobs are well implemented, companies will make vital efficiency improvements to IT systems which cross over various business applications such as the company website. Systems analysts may have to introduce changes to web design, modify current operating systems or even integrate entirely new website features in order to improve its usability.

Core duties in Systems Analyst jobs 

The daily duties performed by a systems analyst or 'sysadmin' to use the common vernacular will involve the following duties:

  1. Analysis of IT systems to identify areas of weakness and areas of strength
  2. Identifying possible solutions for identified areas of weakness, providing analysis on their suitability
  3. Work with clients, when appropriate, to conduct a cost analysis and agree time constraints for project completion
  4. Implement new systems and ensure training requirements are met

Skills Required and Work Conditions

To be successful as a systems analyst, candidates should be able to think analytically, be able to learn quickly and have good business awareness. Furthermore, systems analysts must have a strong grasp of all areas of IT and should be able to work as part of a team. Most systems analysts will be office based; however, home working may be required. As at November 2019, the average salary for the systems analyst is £41,000.

Websites for IT trade bodies overseeing the profession include, British Computer Society (BCS), Institution for Analysts and Programmers.

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